Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The sound "t" by Kutter - 2 1/2 yrs.

Check out this awesome tracing. I am so proud of him!!! Can you believe this - 2 1/2 years!

Anyways...glad to hear all is well for you that post. Hope that a few more family members decide to join in and become an active member. I love hearing all about everyones "stuff".

The boys and I went up to Granny's this afternoon after the kids left - we literally ran out the door, drove through Sonic - I know don't even say it - and ran in to eat with her. She was still eating when we got there, so we ate with her and then took her over to Wednesday night church service. She seemed to really enjoy that. She didn't eat very well, but she looked pretty good. Not as tired as she has been looking lately. She was very excited about Gaelan and Courtney's new little one. And her party Saturday - although she wasn't sure what time it was going to be. Anyone know when she is going to Mike's house - is she staying over like usual? I didn't know what to tell her, so I just said it was an all day sort of thing on Saturday.

I left some plastic utensils/cups and bowls in the closet as well as a few hanging paper lanterns and some "luau" garlands that I have picked up recently - please use to decorate however you think works best.

Well, it seems that we have 6 kittens not 5 - anybody know anyone who wants a kitten?

The kids and I worked very hard today and had lots of fun in the yard. I t was a busy day and non-stop I must say. I am tired.

I think I am getting a little sinus infection or something - that whole snot drainage/sore throat feeling. But I am staying positive that it is just the weather and will promptly disappear.

We are signing Kutter up for a toddler gymnastics class. Brian is going to take him on Monday mornings. I think he will love it.

Wait till you all see Kaden - that boy is a lug...and eat - ask Granny - she watched him devour a jar of sweet potatos and half a jar of bananas.

Friday - I plan to go to the church to finish the VBS decor and mom and dad are supposed to be up - so we may end up over there Tash, I am really not sure yet. I will see what I can do. Anything else we need - decoration/food/other that I can help with? Let me know.

Angela that Sadie is just adorable...oh my gosh, I want one!

Well, enough sitting on my duff typing...gotta get through so I can collapse into bed...

Till next yourself and one another...we-

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