Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Today we had a big event of sorts. LOL. I glanced out the front window on my way by to see a man with a bucket standing in my front yard. Well people in the yard always freaks me out so I immediately checked to see that the door was locked and grab the phone to call BJ. He didn't answer. :( I was peering out the window trying to see what in the world he was doing. I could see his wife but nothing else...they were walking toward the creek with their bucket. I went to the boys room to see if I could see better and surprise surprise I see 2 little longhorns trekking across my yard. LOL!!!! The boys loved it! So we walked out on the front porch to say hello and get a better look. Turns out they live at the end of our road and just got out of the fence. They were trying to help BJ mow I think. :) Their names are Black Diamond and Shadow - they aren't big longhorns, probably a couple of years old. The man got them to sniff the bucket and then they simply followed him down the road like dogs. It was funny to watch. Little Red loved it!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

A few laughs to share and some good news...

BJ's dad is recovery well from surgery. It has been a slow go process but he is certainly headed in the right direction and progressing each day. He is still in ICU, but the took out the ventilator last night so he is now awake and a little grumpy!!! :) Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts!

"Funny's" - the boys and I went out to the stock show this week with our friends. What fun we had! We got to see sheep, goats, steers and pigs. The boys loved it! We went back on Friday to see the pig show and the kids had a ball!

Friday morning during school Red was giving me a hard time and I made the comment "You are going to be the death of me". His answer was a simple "Yes"! LOL

Bug was very excited we picked up a little pool at wal-mart this week. One of those little plastic ones. He had a time playing in the water yesterday. They both had their life jackets on!

Bug has decided he would like to be a part of 4-H, so I am trying to find out more info. He wants to build something for the creative arts show, so he has been practicing with the scrap lumber and a hammer and nails. Woo-Hoo!

Today after church we took the kids for a pizza lunch - on the way to the car I was out last (due to checking the table for stray cups and toys) and the boys and dad made it to the car before me. Little Red was convinced they were leaving without me and he was not very happy! LOL. When I got in the car I made the comment - well I know my Red would save me. He spouted off this whole story about how if Daddy left me at the store he would turn into Batman with a cape and fly out of the car and come save me. I would hold onto his back and he would fly me home. Oh to be loved...

On the way home from church we stopped a yard sale and the boys found a box of super hero's (as if we don't have plenty)!!! LOL. But Red found a Ninja Turtle dressed guessed it...Davy Crockett! I am telling you there is a raccoon face and tale on the hat and everything. It is great! He is ecstatic! They have spent most of the afternoon playing with their "finds".

Our Zoo unit is going well - we are really enjoying it. We did a timeline about the creation story on Friday and that was very interesting. We also learned that the African Lion is known as the king of the jungle because no other animal hunts it for food. Wow! I thought that was very interesting!

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Well all for now...back to homework. The boys are finishing a movie before books and bed. Then back to homework (and Dr. House) for me! :)