Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A note on VBS - Angela, thanks so much for making the fish - what a job - I still have some to go! Along with bookmarks, crowns, etc.. Here is a look at one of the walls.

Have you ever tried manderine oranges frozen? I, by accident, or a brain lapse, did - they are really good!

Today was a strange day...I just couldn't quite make it all work this morning. I was running behind and just could not catch my tail for some reason. We started class late (thank goodness Max didn't come today) and Amanda and Nathaniel came late - they were having the same problem. But Kutter bug worked so hard today. He cut and stamped and painted and glued. He knows the sound for the letter "a" now. I am quite proud. It all seemed to even out by lunch time though.

After lunch - Brian and I loaded up the boys and headed South. We signed the papers on the new house today. So it is official, we have a new house. But we won't be actually moving until fall. I will have the summer school program here. Then we will move and hopefully sell quickly.

I haven't talked to Granny about it yet - I wanted to wait until it was all done so that I didn't get her upset over nothing. I don't want her to think I am deserting her. We will still be able to come up and do arts and crafts, but it will probably be on a weekend. Perhaps Sundays after church.

I think we will stick with our church here rather than changing. I just really love our pastor and can't see uprooting the boys from their church. We shall see. Pray for us to be able to make it on time! haha!

Kaden is quite the stinker - this morning at breakfast, Kutter was sitting on the floor next to him eating toast and Kutter puts his binky next to him. Well Kaden just scoots over and snags it. (He is quite the grab nabber these days.) Kutter doesn't notice right away - until Kaden burps and spits up all over Kutter's binky. It was hilarious - I am watching this seen play out and the look on Kutter's face when he looks down and see not only did Kaden have his binky but he had burped on it. It was histerical. Kutter was quite upset with Kaden.

Well tomorrow is another day - I will have all the boys tomorrow and then beginning Thursday I will have the girls as well. Summer has arrived!

Angela - how many items has hurricane Caly destroyed as of yet?

A note on Granny's party - I picked up a few luau lanterns and a tissue paper garland of palm trees.

Until next time...love one another...

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