Monday, May 22, 2006

Well, sorry to all that I didn't get in yesterday. I had quite a busy day and just didn't find the time to be at the computer.

I worked in Kaden's Sunday school class yesterday. I volunteered to help in Sunday school and Kerry told me she needed another worker in Kaden's classroom and if I could be there at 9am they would love to have me. So the boys and I went. Kutter loved his Sunday school room, he played and had a great time and ate donuts! :) In Kaden's class we only had 3 babies, so I played with Kaden and Heaven on the mat until they both got tired and wanted to be rocked. There were 3 workers, so we each had a baby. The other baby was a 3 week old boy named..."Braden". How funny is that. He was so tiny. Truly not to exciting, but fun to see Kaden playing along side another one near his age.

The morning service was awesome. Bro Rial preached about "What to do when your world comes crashing down". It came from Genesis 39:20-23. It was great. He talked about how to deal with life when "God doesn't make sense". How many of us have been there? It was very enlightening. I just love Bro. Rial, he is so straight forward and doesn't try to sugarcoat things or make them "softer". He is honest and just tells it like it is. I appreciate that.

After church, Ms. Jo and I gathered VBS craft/activity supplies to take to the classroom for VBS week, which will be here very soon!

After lunch and nap - the boys and I headed to wal-mart for a few needed items. It was funny, I told Bug that we needed to hurry so that we could get home in time for evening church. Well that was all the encouragement he needed, he kept telling me "hurry mommy, gotta go to church". He loves to go to church and play with the kids.

The evening service was regarding The Da Vinci Code - the book and recently released movie. Have you guys heard of it? I on the other hand am so out of the loop, I did not know anything about it - except the name - I had heard in passing somewhere. This is how out of it I am - I didn't even know that the Da Vinci referred to painted the picture of The Last Supper. I know I know - "Hello, Wendy where have you been?". It was very enlightening. He told us some of the lies in the book and showed us where to find the truth in the bible. He also gave us a q & a page that I am currently studying. He is such a smart man.

Anyway - no kids today. Nathaniel went to the zoo, and Max had a ill sister - so just the boys and I today. We worked this morning. Bug chose the "s" work and did quite well naming objects and remembering the sound it makes. He sometimes pronouces it with a "p" in front of the "ssss". We are working on that.

Any news on Matthew and Courtney? I saw good things regarding Nathan. :)

Well, till next time...take care...wendy

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