Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Well, just when you think it's safe to bad-mouth your own children...

After voicing my frustration with my pre-teen daughter a couple of posts ago and spending the better part of two weeks questioning my parenting skills and/or my daughter's mental capacity, the little sh*t comes home today with four medals for Best In Class (which means she received the highest average of everyone in her class for the whole year!) and Commended Performance on every single one of her Taks Tests. How exciting is that?!? She had the best grade in all of her curriculum courses - English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Which proves that she DOES in fact own a brain and actually DOES use it occasionally. It also shows that Michael and I are doing something right in the parenting department - - well, at least we make them go to school... Anyway, she's very excited and we are VERY proud. We'll be celebrating tonight in some way.

Our Braden also came home with good news. Today was field day and his class won every competition they participated in. Braden himself won 5th place in the 50 yard dash, although his ribbon says 6th, because the judges eyes "don't work so good" - his words, not mine, Wendy! He also forgot to wear his really fast tennis shoes. Tomorrow is his awards assembly, so stay tuned for further achievements... don't hold your breath or anything though. This is the child that wants to be a truck driver when he grows up and is pretty sure he's learned all he needs to know. Being Best In Class isn't high on his priority list.

Elizabeth has yet another UTI and is in bed with really high fever today. Back on the double antibiotics - a strong one to knock out this infection and a lower dosage to take for the next month to try and prevent additional infections while her system is weak. Poor Baby. It breaks my heart that she struggles with this so much. She's just miserable right now. Pray for a quick recovery.

Tomorrow is our last day of school! Yea!!!! Wendy, the VBS rooms look great. I so love the penguins. I was thinking of names for the page and came up with "At the Fencepost". What do you think? I had another one, but it eludes me now. Congratulations on now being a multi-homeowner. Caly went home yesterday, with only minor damages to report. Things just weren't going...smoothly? we decided to cut the trip short. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Sorry this last paragraph is such a hodge-podge of topics. Adult-onset ADD. We finally figured out how the goats kept escaping. I put them up yesterday and was closing up the gate, but before I could turn around, Oreo smooth jumped over the darn thing. Braden fell down laughing, Haylie's jaw hit the ground and before I even fully understood what happened, here came Billy! I almost cried. I was so frustrated and I really don't want them to run away. Anyway, Michael came out and made the gate taller with some crude carpentry skills and a drill gun. And before HE could turn around, here came Oreo. "Bam!" Poor dumb goat didn't clear the gate that time! So I guess they are safe again for now...

Did you know red kool-aid stains white puppy hair?

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