Thursday, September 16, 2010

This afternoon the boys and I headed to the park for some fun in the sun! It was a little on the warm side, but so much fun! We took the bikes and the Bug was having a blast riding his bike around the walking trail! Good thing no one was walking! :) Red decided he wanted to go around like Bubba and headed on around...but he got tired about half way there and turned back. Little did I know as I cheered him on that he would decide to have me go around with him! LOL - so off I went as Bug sped around the track like a speed demon. We got about halfway around again and I see Bug grabbing his leg and dancing around across the park! What is wrong I holler...something has stung me! Uh-oh! Red and I took off around the bend - Bug ran over to pour some water on his leg. I get to Bug and a large welt has come up and there is a small red spot in the middle. Great...I head to the car in search of the string repellent stuff with NO LUCK!!! Oh no! No Benadryl, no sting stuff - in the car we scramble as we head home for medicine. I am praying Lord please keep us safe as we head to the house! We get home and put some ice on it and Bug takes a Benadryl. After a shower it looks a lot better the swelling has decreased. He kept saying it was really sore so I put some medicine and a band-aid on it. Poor guy! He's had a rough day...he burned his arm this morning on the cinnamon toast tray and then the bug bite. I said Bug you sure are having a bad day - what a way to end your 6th year. His reply, "Everything is just attacking doesn't want me to turn 7"! LOL - crazy nut!

Another funny is - "You know Mom if you start having too many birthdays you can just stop having them"! LOL - are you cracking up! I am telling you that boy - a complete loon! So I ask him what is a good age to stop having birthdays? "Ummmm, 40"! LOLOLOLOL What a kid. Bug is jut rolling at this point. Red is so funny - we saw an elderly lady the other day and she made such an impression on his little mind. He told me that he didn't want me to get old because he wouldn't like my face and then he couldn't kiss me. What a boy! He tells me he loves my face and that is why he has to kiss on me - love it! Crazy kid! Better get me some wrinkle cream and keep working on "real beauty is in the heart".

My Bug turns 7 on Saturday...can you believe that? 7 - where did it go? 2nd grade, RA's, choir, my boy is getting so big...and 12 feet tall to boot!

off for now...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So tonight was Bug's first night to attend RA's. The Cowboy Church offers it for boys in 1st grade and up. He was very excited and a little nervous when I dropped him off. When I picked him up he was all smiles and so excited. They had learned how to build a ladder out of posts and rope. They actually climbed it. Mr. Jeff gave him a water bottle because he was such a good kid (even though he usually doesn't give out water bottles on the first night Mr. Jeff said). The smile couldn't have been any bigger!

When we got home he got out his hammer and nails and proceeded to make a ladder...he was so excited! Red practiced his balance beam while Bubba nailed!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

So here it is....over one year later...I have given up on trying to do it

It's crazy these days...all the time, but that's what life is about I suppose.

The boys are so big these days...Bug will be 7 next month. Can you believe that - seven!

We start Co-op classes at Midlothian Home School Co-op tomorrow. Another fun year I know it already! Bug will be learning about the solar system this fall, I know he will love that! Red will be learning about all sort of fun stuff in Ms. Linda's pre-k class. He thinks Ms. Linda hung the moon and is very excited about this year!

Bug just finished up 1st grade math...he ended the year with an average of 99. Crazy Bug - he is one smart kiddo! Love him!!! We will finish up 1st grade phonics this week. 2nd grade begins next week. Crazy Bug, he sure is growing up.

Red will continue Pre-K this year, but I am throwing in Kindergarten Math and Science. I don't think we are quite ready for a full blow Kindergarten schedule just yet.

It's gonna be a fun year!