Thursday, September 21, 2006

Well, it has been a while I know, but we have been so busy lately. The boys and I are non stop. And of course Brian works a lot these days. We are hoping the house in Garland sells very soon so he can slow down!

Our trip to Arkanasas was great. We really had fun driving around with Memaw and Papa and seeing all the family. Granny Lula is well. Quite Spry for 93. She enjoyed seeing Kaden. Goodness I wish I lived closer...she is quite a lady.

Trying to get home to Texas was difficult though. We were supposed to fly out Sunday to arrive Sunday night so we would be home for Kutter's Birthday on Monday...well that didn't happen. We got stuck in Little Rock because of the weather and weren't able to fly out until Monday morning. Unfortunately our bags (all but the carry ons) made the earlier flight. We were on standby for the earlier flight, but missed it because of security issues. Apparently me and my children are big terror threats and have to be searched over and over again. It was terrible, so needless to say we spent the night in a hotel with only the clothes we wore, which I washed out it the bathtub. It was quite an experience. But we made it. Stressful and all...but we made it.

I am trying to get back on track here at home.

We celebrated Kutter's 3rd birthday on Monday...can you believe the Bug is 3? Man...he is growing up!

We had doctor checkups for both boys on Tuesday, which was a handful to say the least.

Then we had our first soccer practice Tuesday evening. That was hilarious. What an even...3 year olds and soccer balls! Haha! It was fun though!

Wednesday was a really good day for me, things just seemed to fall into place! Go Me!

Today is cloudy and quite is great. The boys and I spent the whole morning outside, we worked on rhyming words, weather and read books. Then Bug and Kaden played cars on the porch while I sorted clothes. We don't have any pants and long sleeve shirts out for when it is cool. Bug is too long for all his pants, so I had to find the next size box. And Kaden is getting to long for the 6-9 months stuff. Growing on me!

The bible study is looking great. I hope Tasha, Angela and Tracy also decide to join. I am a little disapointed that more of the "wiser" women in the family didn't join. I think we could use their wisdom...we will have to keep working on them.

Well, all for now...we-