Monday, May 29, 2006

Well, it has been quite busy around here the past few days and I haven't been able to sit and type. By the time I have a moment I am falling asleep at the keyboard. haha!

Angela, what is this about an extra day off...what is a day off? :)

Saturday we had a great family day. We fogged our house (beginning of summer tradition around here) and we had to leave for at least 4 hours. We went to meet one of Brian's new singers to get some promo material and then went over to Lakeshore Learning Center. My favorite store next to Mardels. BJ got me a gift certificate for mom's day. How cool is that!!! I was able to find some really cool things to make new works. "Love it!"

Afterward it was so hot we canceled our picnicing plans and opted for the foodcourt at the nearby Valley View Mall. They have a carosel inside and bug rode it twice with Daddy. He chose a dragon the first time and then a huge chicken. It was pretty horses for him.

Kaden has been trying to eat us out of house and home this weekend. He must be hitting another growth spurt, that boy. Tonight he was throwing a real wall-eyed fit...kicking the highchair tray with his feet, throwing his hands around, red as a beat...the real thing. 5 months old - can you believe it! Lord please help me! 3 jars of food, a few crackers and water, a bath, clothed and ninny later the boy is out - hopefully for the night. Although he has developed a habit of "napping" for an hour and then waking and trying to stay up later.

My boys they are great!

Today we had a memorial day picnic in the park with all the kids and Ms. Amanda's family. The kids loved it, we got out there about 9:30 and by 10 we were pretty warm - then the sprinklers came on. It was funny. Kutter said "Yeah" and took off full speed. (The park has a great grassy area like a football field). I knew then I would never keep them all out of the water, so I called Brian and asked him to bring towels when he came up. He showed up a few minutes later - habachi in tow - to be "Picnic Grillmister". We had burgers and chips. It was great. Ms. Amanda's husband showed up and he enjoyed watching Nathaniel become "sand-laden boy". It was hilarious. He went directly for the sand after the sprinklers quit and immediately sat down. His jean shorts were brown instead of blue. But he had a great time. Kaden enjoyed lounging on a blanket until he literally passed out from exhaustion. The poor guy just couldn't hang, but wouldn't give up willingly. We wore the kids out - literally. When we got back to the house - everyone washed hands/faces and we read 2 books - then they laid down and within 15 minutes I had 4 sleeping children. Of course by this time Kaden decided it was time to be awake so I pawned him off on Daddy while I retreated to the shower. I was "smelling like a goat" as Angela would put it. I actually covered the bed with a blanket I could easily wash so that the goat children wouldn't stink up my hard to wash king size comforter. How anal is that!

But anyway - 2+ hours later I had hungery kids again, so we ate snack did some art and headed to the backyard. Needless to say when their mom came around 5 they were ready to head home. What a fun day!

Bug, Kaden and I stayed outside for a while longer - it was finally nice and not so hot/muggy. Bug helped me make spaghetti and meatballs - which he ate 3 plates of - while Kaden threw a fit in his highchair thinking he was wasting away. :)

I am going to bathe my bug now and get him to bed. Another busy day at Montessori Home School tomorrow. Talk to you all again soon. Can't wait to see everyone Saturday. Oh, anyone want a kitten or kittens or a big cat?

Trivia - everytime you learn something new you get a wrinkle in your brain...

love to all - say a prayer for a family member - anybody - just pick one - we-

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