Tuesday, May 23, 2006

She's baaaack! Caly is here this week. Those of you that know her know we'll have anything but a noneventful week!

Sunday we worked on the addition ~ running electrical inside. Light switches and plugs are in place. It took a couple of hours to clean up in there. That space has turned into the garage we don't have. On top of that, two wild birds built a nest in there and proceeded to start a family. There was dried bird crap on every flat spot out there. Gross! We did see two little baby bird heads peeking at us over the top of the nest. That was pretty cool.

Yesterday, I took the suburban to the shop for her makeover. I'm now driving a Mercury Mountaineer, which has lots of silver and reminds me of a spaceship. The back two seats are too close to the rear of the car for my comfort, but it gets good gas mileage and it's only temporary. Hopefully we won't need the back seats very often.

Well, aside from finishing my VBS fish, today we'll just be getting ready for our visit from Kris and Britney Thursday. School is out early every day this week (no school Friday), so the kiddos will be back before I can even get the floors mopped. Tate and Dade will be here soon; Nicholas is here already. Not too much excitement for now. It's early though, and there is that Caly girl to contend with...anything could happen.

Hope everybody is having a productive week.

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