Friday, June 30, 2006

Oh, how glad I am that this week is over. The kids and I have been quite busy and it has really seemed to creep by. I didn't have them today, so the boys and I loaded up and headed to Waxahachie to see Memaw and Papa before they headed back to Giddings. Brian and Papa spent Thursday putting windows into the new school building down there. They put in 2 windows and a door on the playground side and Papa put in another window this morning on the backside.

Some stories from this week...lets see...oh I haven't blogged since Monday so I have lots to share...:)

Monday the kids and I went to McDonald's for lunch...the one in Richardson with the jungle scene and the huge blue slides. The kids had an absolute blast and played until they were all completely pooped! Tuesday we went for snow cones in the afternoon. That was a great experience. Kutter decided he wanted an icecream instead, so he got a scoop of strawberry on one of the those regular waffle cones. haha! It was great. He looked like the pink panther by the time he was finished. A regular cow licking on that thing. It was great. Kaden had a few very small bites of my "dreamsicle" snow cone. First snow cone experience. He seemed to enjoy it, but mostly wanted his crackers. Wednesday the kids and I went to "rumble in the jungle" at the Dallas Children's Museum. That was fun. We made all sorts of jungle animals and tribal masks. And we saw the Kritterman, David Klevin. He showed us the worlds smallest falcoln (which can be found in the congo and also Texas), a python, a cheetah turtle (or was it a leopard?), a legless lizard and a madagascar hissing cockroach. Which was extremely huge and quite gross looking. Max got to touch that one...oh no, bring on the handsanitizer! :) Then he brings out the true king of the jungle...the scairest animal in guessed it...a a hedgehog! haha! Who would have thought. Gabi got to go up and "roar" at this extremely cute but quite prickly animal. This animal apparently makes quite a statement with his spines. It has a really cute face though. On Thursday we were supposed to attend Brown Bag Book Club, but the boys decided they didn't want to go, so we skipped it...can't say I mind so much...I was exhausted by this point.

So that was our school week, of course today we went to Waxahachie...

Oh, here are some bug stories. Last night we went to Waxahachie and went to dinner in Maypearl with Mom and Dad, we are sitting at our table at the Busy Bee eating when the man and woman at the table behind us get up to leave, we lets just say this woman had a particularly large hind end. Well of course my 2 year old has to notice and says "Oh, look at her bigger butt." Of course he must repeat this a few times to make sure everyone has heard him. I was so embarrassed, I could have crawled under the table. The woman hopefully was out of earshot, but her husband was still at the table and I am sure he heard. Oh Lord. Now I know how Auntie felt during the "I like big boobs" phase Braden went through.

This morning on the way to Waxahachie I got stopped for speeding...did you know that 635 is only the 5 years I have lived here, I always thought it was 65. So of course I am driving along (in mom and dad's truck) going 70, thinking I am not speeding that much. But apparently Balch Springs top cop in the road with his radar gun thought otherwise as he stepped out and wave me over. So I stop, dig out the insurance and my license and turn to the drivers window to wait for him to appear. Well he goes to the passengers windw and scares me to death when he taps on the glass. So I unbuckle and crawl over all the junk in my front seat to get the door open. I give him my stuff and he asks me if I know why he stopped they teach this question in the academy? :) The he explains that 635 is only a 60 mile an hour my horror. I mention :) that my husband is a DPD officer and he asks me to slow down and tell him Balch Springs took care of me today...yes, I did it! I pulled the cop husband card. Well to continue with my story...yes it gets better. I take off again and hear this clink clink clang noise. Thinking I have a flat tire, I look in my rearview mirror and to my horror see s hubcab rolling in the opposite direction at top speed. (of course). It casually rolls to a stop forever behind me right in the middle of a on ramp. I am telling you if this had been my truck, I would have left it!!! But since it is mom and dads, I figured I had better get it. I look ahead and see the on ramp for 175, behind me is the on ramp for 635 and the hubcap. So I am thinking that I am going to have to leave my children ont he side of the road and trek back some 80 miles to get this dumb hubcap. But when looking in the side mirror, to my horror no doubt, here comes the officer with the hubcap. Once again I unlock the door and he hands it to me with a "Have a nice day ma'am. I was so embarrassed. It was really great...let me tell you.

One more before I fall asleep in this chair. Tonight Kutter, Kaden and I stopped at wal-mart for a dog chain. On the way home Kutter asked me over and over where sally the blue car was at. Finally when he asked again, I said Okay, Kutter can you hear me...(yes)...are you listening...(yes)...Sally the blue car is in the Thomas the train bag and I can't get it when I am driving. So, you will have to wait until we get to the house for us to get it out of the bag. Did you hear what I said...(yes). Then he pops out with "Mommy why are you being ugly to me?" haha! I about died. When I explained that I wasn't being ugly, I was just trying to explain myself and answer his question. He said no, you are being ugly to me. Can you believe that...that boy is a mess. Of course, how many times a day does he hear...don't be ugly to _____. :)

Well, I ma gone for now...take care and love one another...we-

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Oh, I am exhausted this morning. I fell into bed about 11pm last night and Kaden woke up at 4:30. I tried to avoid feeding him because I really don't want him to make a habit of eating at that time. At 5:21 I gave up and fed him, yes in our bed, I was literally to tired to get up and walk to another place. I know its terrible. He went back to sleep only to wake up at 6:30 like he had not eaten in days. Ohhh my child... Oh course Kutter as well has been up since 6:30...poking and prodding his brother. If I could have sent them to make cereal and watch the boob toob I would have. How terrible is that. The past week is catching up with me. I haven't been sleeping and my sinus junk is back, so it has been a really long week. Oh but enough whining. I have to get ready for Sunday school and church, so I don't have much time.

I tried to post the night before last and for whatever reason it didn't work. Annoying...

Thursday the boys and I went to Brown Bag Book Thursday at the farmstead. It was a lot of fun. I didn't have the other kids because their Grandma is in town and they stayed with her. After Bug and I left the farm we headed to Waxahachie to check the mail and see if they actually put a hold on it. (We've been having mail difficulties.) Of course perhaps I am hormonal these days, or just tired. The really rude mail lady completely hurt my feelings. She was very ugly about why we needed to hold our mail, it just didn't make sense. "Since you aren't living there, you shouldn't have any mail". I suppose the electric company, water company and mortgage will just magically hold/pay our bills for the next few months until we move in. I didn't know they offered this service, but apparently the mail lady did. Anyway enough sarcasm. She was quite rude about the whole situation and finally just called out the postmaster to approve a hold until August in case the forward didn't go through. Quite frustrating. I mean, I don't know I thought that was the post offices job - to serve the publics mail needs...hold, deliver, forward, etc. Of course I must be wrong about this observation.

Anyway enough whining. The boys and I also stopped by the local Montessori school - just to check it out, get prices and such. It was a little disappointing, but better than I expected I guess. Kutter walked right in and asked the administrator to go to the playground and play with the kids. It was quite sad, he acted like he just belonged and had been there forever. There prices are very cheap and the environment was cluttered, dirty and very "daycare". Which she did tell me, they are basically daycare in the summer. All of their Montessori works are put up and they just play and have field trips. I didn't like that so much. Bug lined up and followed the others inside. He went potty with them (they only have 1 set up bathrooms, so they do potty time), and then sat down for a game of Bingo. He didn't want to leave, so I told him one game and then we had to go. He did just that, one game then turned in his stuff and said it was time to go. haha! I was glad, I thought I may have to drag him out kicking and screaming. He made me wonder if I am depriving him...

Oh, before I sign off, thanks to Tasha for joining the photography subcommittee! Your help is most appreciated. What do you think about joining the family history subcommittee?

Well, I have to go jump in the shower. My cereal is again to all...wendy

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hello to all, Well that grandson is just like his mom was, a chunk to carry around. Just want to squeeze him with a hug. Then Kutter, Is light, but fast, our bug! Well, I have been working on the family reunion next year. Save those Pennies!!! By the way, Juniors clubhouse, on Has many thing to help teach children that money doesn't grow on trees. Young mothers check it out for your children. They could learn allot and learn about their priorities. Now, that's just a suggestion! Just want to help teach those precious ones. Love you all, Have a good day, Make up your mind its going to be great!!! Remember our Lord is always their for you. I love my talks with him, and lift you all up in prayer. Have you read the book of Proverbs lately? Its is so rewarding to read. If you ask the Lord to open your eyes and heart, He will help understand. Love you all, Memaw

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Well today was quite a full day. Briana, Max and Gabi didn't come today (sick), so the boys and I played catch up. We went to the post office, cleaners, dollar store, wal-mart and on and on. We got lots done that we don't normally get to do until after 5 pm and it usually takes us several days.

We had lunch with Granny today. She looked good and was excited to see us. Kutter had fun entertaining her with his antics and being a nut. He enjoyed playing cars with Granny.

We also went to the Dr. for Kaden's 6 month appointment. Dr. Johnson's said Mr. Kaden was the picture of health and he was quite impressed with his ability to sit up so well and reach for things with out falling over and such. He said that usually they don't master that skill until 7 months. And get this the chunk ways 2o lbs and 10 oz. He is 27 inches long. Can you believe that?

Well, all for now...must sleep so that I can take the kids to the "Jurassic Jamboree" at the Dallas Children's Museum.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Hello to all...just taking a moment to sit and jot a note about today. It has been quite a long weekend and it is all running together. No rest for the Johnson crew, we spent the weekend running back and forth between Garland, Arlington, Terrall and Waxahachie. We have purchased the air units for the school building as well as the insulation. Which Brian spent Sunday afternoon putting up in the building. He worked really hard and got it all done leaving places for the doors and windows and countertop.

On Friday night we went to six flags to see Crystal Lynn compete in a local leg of the Colgate Country Showdown (that contest that Scott Whitaker won several years back). She got 3rd. It was fun to walk around with the boys, we watched "people get stuck, oh no!" (Kutter) on the Superman ride and fed the (huge) fish. We pressed penny's and saw Scooby Doo, Sylvester and Foghorn Leghorn. It was fun!

On Saturday we went to Terrell to see Liz Arnold compete in another local leg of the colgate country showdown competetition. She won. But really the girl had no competition. She is 18, beautiful with a voice that won't quit and has a great stage presence. She will make it in the entertainment world that is no doubt.

While at the competition on Saturday Brian signed up for a drawing to win a recliner and won it! How cool is that! It of course is maroon and not green like our other one...thus the reason he won it! haha! :) But we plan to get a rug that is "apple butter", which is the name of a really beautiful rug we found with lots of naturals and earth tones. I need a pillow to throw in his chair...

Not much excitement today. The kids and I took a trip to McD's for lunch. Bug refused to nap and the 2 year old reared his head several times throughout the day...but overall unenventful and good.

Tomorrow is a trip to see Briana's gym class and a picnic lunch. Then home for a nap. Kaden's Dr.'s appointment is tomorrow afternoon...will update then.

Until later...take care of all...we-

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Birthday to Pickle, Happy Birthday to Pickle, Happy Birthday to Pickle, Happy Birthday to you!

And Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Well can you believe Kaden is 6 months old? The little man is a mess. He goes in for hs 6 month checkup next tuesday. He is not crawling yet, but scoots himself around a lot. He doesn't like to lay down much, he would much rather sit up and lean over to reach things. But and I call him the "grab nabber". He is eating peaches, pears, bananas, green beans, peas, sweet potatoes and squash these days. No more allergy problems. And get this, he seems to be outgrowing the dairy allergy. He doesn't react if I eat or drink milk products. Of course I do it all in very small cheesestick, very small glass of milk...etc. But he doesn't seem to breaking out in a rash or getting the runs anymore. Yeah! Eggs don't bother him either. Funny...

My bug is so big these days. He is learning so quickly. He is doing very well with his letter sounds and number recognition. He enjoys the sound bags because they have things like race cars and boats and tractors in them. Go figure. He is doing very well with his gym class too. He goes again next Monday. He gets really excited. Daddy is picking him up early from school today so that they can go pick up the mail at the new house and to go pick up his tractor from the "tractor hospital". He is excited to have more "daddy time".

We are working on the school building in Waxahachie, we have $5000 budget for the actual building - walls, insulation, plumbing, air, electrical, floor, etc. So Brian has been busy trying to find the best way/deal to do things so that we can get it all done within budget. The insides will come later I suppose. I am searching for child size tables and chairs on craigslist and such. If anyone comes across any, let me know.

Well, all for now...had a few moments and thought I would jot a word.

Take care of all and show a kindness to someone today...we-

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wow ~ the Montessori Home School sounds like fun. You guys are doing some really cool things. Dallas is a great area to be in for that. You could visit someplace new every day and not run out of things to do.

My little hill country summer care program hasn't been near as exciting this week. We've been busy running from the dentist to the optometrist to sports physicals...for once in my life I'm not procrastinating and we're getting everything done that needs to happen before school starts. The only thing left is shots for my Lulu and somehow I think I may need to have no extra kiddos for that appointment. Elizabeth is likely to kick somebody in the head ~ I'll need two hands.

Monday, Braden had two teeth pulled. I can't believe what a difference that has made already in his little mouth. The two adult teeth that were coming in so crooked have almost completely straightened out now that they have some room to do the right thing. He'll need to have at least two more pulled and the expander plate for his lower jaw still, but I think we've avoided braces by catching the problem so early. The girls just had regular checkups and cleanings. Haylie passed her physical and we received some great news about her knees... no surgery necessary at this point and no arthritis. She has a benign condition called Oshgood Schlatter (German) that is fairly common in athletic (using term oh so loosely) kids this age. She will unfortunately always have the ugly knots under her kneecaps, but the pain should stop between 14-15 yrs old, or whenever she stops growing. Thank you Lord that it isn't something more serious. The eye appointments didn't go that well...Haylie is now in glasses and Braden has to wear his full time, not just when he's reading or working on the computer. They both look really cute in their glasses. Haylie's are freaking huge and weird ~ just her style. I guess "trendy" is the word she'd want me to use. Whatever. They look like prison issue to me, but she's happy, so...

Today Braden decided to get a closer look at the baby birds in the nest built in the addition. In order to do this, he first had to knock the nest down with a shovel. Due to the large number of animals here, we couldn't leave the nest down on the ground. I am now hand-feeding five baby starlings (?) every 20-30 minutes. Thank you God for only sending me one boy. Wendy, I'll start praying for you now. I can already see the glint in Kutter's eye that promises...adventures.

Jose' is doing well. Eating quite a bit. I told Michael we should have named him Air Compressor because several times a day and even more during the night, he'll suddenly start braying out of nowhere for 3-4 minutes. Michael has a little red air compressor that does the same thing if he forgets to unplug it. The braying still wakes me up at night, but it doesn't sit me straight up in bed anymore. Guess I'm getting used to it. Michael, of course, never hears it. We managed to get a halter on the poor thing and Michael's tried walking him on a lead rope a couple of times. If anyone knows how to publish video to this blog, let me know. The walking experience is too good not to share ~ I can safely say that Jose' walks Michael way more than Michael walks Jose'. Also, the stubborn ass (Jose', not Michael) will just sit on his rump when he's not in the mood to it dangerous when huge blood vessels pop out all over Michael's face and neck and he turns all red? Anyway, we're having fun "training" the donkey.

Well, the stove timer has gone off again. Did you know that baby birds in captivity eat baby food? Sweet potato and apple today. We cut part of the end of a straw off, creating a tiny scoop and the babies open wide. Hopefully they'll make it through the night and I can find a bird refuge tomorrow.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend.
Another great day for the bunch at Montessori Home School. The kids and I visited Heritage Farmstead Museum in Plano for the Brown Bag Book Thursday. It was a blast. Ms. Mary our "reading" lady was great in her vintage plantation dress. She was so sweet and really excited to have us all there. There was only about 10 kids or so (4 were mine) but it was so nice. We put out a blanket in the backyard behind the main house and pulled out lunches and books. She read while we chowed. It was shady and not to hot, very nice!

And guess what, they have a replica one room school house with the blackboard, stove, desks and bell. It was precious.

We plan to go back for the tour and be able to go into all the buildings and such. I am excited and the kids are too. I was a little surprised, but they want to go in and see and hear about it all. Cool!!!

We walked the grounds and saw all the animals. They have 2 mini goats like you Auntie!

Well, the kids are asleep right now, I wore them out I guess, so I am going to pickup and do some paper work, perhaps go to the potty...haha!

Till next time....take care of one another.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Well, what a great day we have had! Brian and I took the boys to the Science Place in Dallas. We met Lori and her kids (Max, Bri and Gabi) and Amanda, Brandon, Nathaniel and the two she nanny's (Elizabeth and Meredith) there. Crystal Lynn (new "singer" girl - 14) and her mom went with us as well.

It was a blast. The kids were all excited about all the cool stuff that we saw. They enjoyed all the science experiements and such and I took a ton of pictures of them doing stuff. They also got to go through the "farm" and pick foods and gather eggs, milk a cow, ride a tractor and such. It was great. In the kids discovery area they played with toys and the water table and such. It was lots of fun. Brian took Crystal and her mom over to the IMAX to see the fighter pilot show, he said that was awesome.

We ate a picnic lunch next to the lake with everyone and fed the birds and the turtles. The kids had a blast.

We left after lunch because Bug was very tired and already melting down. I knew he would just get ugly if we stayed, and BJ had to go to work this afternoon.

All in all it was a great day.

We are planning other trips and such for the summer months.

Tommorrow we are going to McKinney to the Heard Museum for their "Brown Bag Book" day - take a lunch, blanket and your favorite book, stories and lunch on the grounds. We thought it would be great!

Well, while Bug is asleep, I have somethings to do.

Love to all, we-
At the fencepost Here I go. I am tired and want a nap! What is that? I have just finished up two Huge rockers. Tom is finishing up a swing for these people also. We have people coming this evening to pick up children's furniture. Glad we are kinda getting caught up. Yes, Tasha, I still use the socks, and old t-shirts to work on this furniture. I can't see buying a box of rags. Well, other than that I have been looking for locations for a family, birthday, and anniversary celebration--camping area. Think I have found one that will hold everyone. It has enough sleeping area, dining, game room, and fishing. You will learn more later. Start putting back those nickels and dimes. It works out at a good rate. Love you all and have a great day, week, month and year. Keep your eyes on the LORD, and HE will show you the way! Philippians 4:19 Love Memaw

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

daaaa dant! just when you thought it was safe to log on again. I myself have been busy with dealing with these fools at Unemployment commission. I think you have to have a degree in unprintable names to work there. Anyways,besides living with constant worry about when and if I will get another check and what my uncertain future holds, I have not been good company. Anyways-

Aunt Dottie, do you all still use old socks when staining furniture? If so, I have some for you. It is a clean out at Natasha's house. I have a bunch of stuff to get rid of, a lot of it family gets the first pick. I have a twin size flat, fitted, and pillowcase with a floral design. A shower curtain rod. Candles and holders, carpet sample squares, one of which is wool,scotchguard, spray paint, armor all, dishes, vases, clothes hangers, if you are looking for it, i may have it and it is free to family. Since my uncertain future may hold a move, to God knows where, with it's own set of problems, I am starting now. If you all also want a bunch of Christmas wrapping paper, I have that too. depending on mood, even more stuff goes. I have an entire secton in my two car garage devoted to the pile of stuff, that is as tall as I am and long as my car, as Grand Am, of stuff for garage sale/give away/e bay.
Let me know.
Till next time, take care of yourself, and each other

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Jose' has arrived!!

It's been an eventful day out here. Memaw and Pa brought our new baby and we had to get him settled in his pen. He's already met Oreo, Billy and Sadie. We're not too sure whether he really enjoyed the goats or really wanted to stomp them into the ground. Either way, he definitely got excited when they were around and chased them quite vigorously.

After the donkey excitement, we took the kids to the pool. Pa should sleep well tonight. All three of the kids were pulling him in a different direction and he got a pretty good workout. It's so hot outside, the pool is the only thing that makes the days bearable. Well, the pool and the root beer floats that the grandparents fed the kids way too close to dinner time.

Received Haylie's TAKS test results in the mail. She earned a perfect score on the math portion and only missed one on the reading/comprehension. She really did a great job. She and her cousin, Doug, are now in a competition to see who can get the highest grades next year in school. Haylie smoked him this year and on her TAKS ~ although he also received commended performance on all of his tests and he's an honor student as well. I'm all for them being competitive about it. Whatever it takes to motivate them to do's so important. I hope they have fun with it next year and it (competition) continues through high school. May just have a couple of valedictorians on our hands.

Well, I'm pooped. I guess I need to make the rounds of feeding/watering my crew outside and maybe I'll have time for a long soak in the tub and a good book tonight. Michael is working until late ~ it's a good night for relaxing. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and getting some rest. Posted by Picasa

Friday, June 09, 2006

We are all smiles here in the hill country ~ excited about our baby donkey joining the family tomorrow!! Oh yeah, and getting to visit with Memaw and Pa!  Posted by Picasa
At the fencepost jGood Morning everyone!! Well just a note to say hello. I have been trying to get things set up for people to meet us, are come and get their furniture. Slowly, we are getting it all finished. It is beautiful!!! Tom does beautiful work. When do the children go back to school??? Aunt Dixie said Brandon goes back Aug. 8th. No summer anymore. Well, trying to get things set up for the little Donkey to join a certain family!! My their family is growing. Love to all. John 15:5-7 Memaw

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Well, what a busy week I have been having, but it has been great! The kids and I are loving vacation bible school. The artic theme is really fun and I am loving being in a classroom with all the kids.

Kutter loves to go to bible school. He is in the nursery (the bible classes don't actually start until 4 years), but has become quite a hit with the youth group. He is their "bud". He is learning to skateboard (on his bottom), ride go carts (with a helmet) and say things like "cool". It is hilarious. The boys high-five him and the girls cart his skinny hinny around. :)

All the while, Kaden is being spoiled rotton in the bed babies class by his "Grandma Lady", as I call her. She doesn't even let me bring him in anymore, she snatches him at the door - "there's my buddy"! It is precious. He is loving all the rocking and holding. We will be going through detox next week, or fedexing him to papa's. haha! :)

I am planning to come to Giddings in July and work with Mom's church in Dimebox for their VBS. I am really excited! I can't wait. Mom don't forget to get me a name and phone number of who to contact.

Angela - when is the one in JC? It isn't registered with lifeway.

Well, I better get back to my postcards - I made postcards for each of my kids to let them know I enjoyed working with them and invite them to Sunday school. I have to find zipcodes for some of the addresses.

Oh, news on the new house - the deal is closed, so it is ours...we won't be moving until the end of August though. We have a fence to build, a pool to remove, carpet to remove/replace with wood flooring, etc. So if you guys have some time to help...which I know is probably impossible due to working on your own...but if you want to get away we will put you to work!

And - we have sold Bartlett. My first! Not really. We just closed on the 6th, so we will be working on paying things off and such with our sale.

What a year!

Oh, here is something exciting. Amanda (with her son and nanny girls) and the kids (mine and Lori's) and I are planning many exciting field trips this summer - if you guys can break away we would love for ya'll to join us sometime. We are looking into the zoo, aquarium, the science place, discovery gardens, roller skating, bowling, mini golf, and the list goes on.

Well, I really must go now...again soon...

Be Strong! Be Courageous! Follow Jesus!


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Donny and Marie.

These are the baby goats I got for my birthday. They are a little over a month old and are twins, boy and girl.

Sorry we missed seeing everyone at the party. I heard it was a huge success. I've still got the bug that kept us home. I've had it almost a week now. Luckily, the kids (children, not goats) haven't seemed bothered by it yet. Haylie was under the weather for a day, but not too bad. Two of the little girls I keep during the week had strep throat over the weekend, but I don't think that's what I've got. Maybe it started out as that, but it's evolved into a sinus infection/stomach bug. My 9-month old has it too, so we're taking it slow this week and not accomplishing much.

Hope everyone is enjoying summer so far. Wendy, let us know how VBS is going and what's going on with the new house.

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