Saturday, July 28, 2012

Finishing Up May!

Well here it is, barely 8 am on Saturday morning and my plans for today are already out the door.  But since I am up I figured I might as well work on my blogging!  Someday as I look back and read all about our crazy escapades and looney-ness I am going to be so thankful that I took a few moments to write stuff down!  :)

More GA stuff...the girls made the flower centerpieces for the GA ceremony tables.  We used coffee filters and water colors to paint dozens and dozens of beautiful flowers.  The girls did such a great job and they loved painting!
Megan - painting away! 
Laine working by Lillie! 
Emma and Keegan 
Ariel and Camryn 

Aubrey, Georgia and Callie 
Aubrey and Aubrey 
Lori and Callie sharing snack! 
Michaela working on her Journey book! 
Megan, Kennedy and Ashlynn sharing snack! 
Our itty bitties...just about 7 weeks old...they loved the litter box at this time.  Little crazies...they were always sleeping in it!  LOL 
Here's my Smokey Kitty...I love this little guy! 
Oh Hermie is going under!  LOL - we were so excited to see him dive into the dirt!  The boys couldn't wait to see them emerge as moths! 
Mom, baths again...what is this? 
Oh, it's so hard being a basset hound! 
Momma's Sadie Girl! 
Lady Bug...she is so much more tolerant to my bath time ritual!  LOL 
The itty bitties get a bath too.  Tigger and Lucas.  Tigger says - Mom, I am so offended. 
Lucky, Minnie Me and Smokey! 
Lucky:  "Hey Smokey, let's make a break for it! On three, one...two..." 
Lady Bug babysitting the kitties. 
Minnie Me:  "Oh Mom, why must you do this to me?" 
Lucky:  "I am a drowned rat, Mom this is so embarrassing". 
Minnie Me:  "Psst, hey you, Dog, can you get me out of here?" 
There's my Smokey...with his beautiful blue eyes. 
Saved!  Momma Kitty took Minnie Me under the house and we heard her crying.  Well the hole in the porch floor is the perfect spot for saving a kitty!  LOL  Yes we really do have a hole in the porch.  It's on the to do list.  A butterfly net is all you need to scoop up a kitty!  LOL  (Oh and yeah, we have a rock slab over the hole, so no one falls in!) 
All tuckered out after bath time! 
Can you guess what this might be? 
A turtle!   
We found him trying to cross the road, so we scooped him up to take down by the creek.  But he was so mud covered we decided to bath him first.  Yes, that is a toilet brush.  No, we do not use it in the toilet.  It's designated for things like dog water bowl cleaning and turtle washing.  LOL   
There goes Daddy and Bug...on the mower to the creek with "Fred, the red eared slider" 
The boys and I found a new love on the ipad.  Word finds!  Yeah! 
Look what my sweet GA girls brought me!  Awww! 
Red working on Hungry Fish!  Math learning on the ipad!  ;)

Oh, could it be...I finished May...well, Whoopie!  Yippee!  Yahoo!

Until next time!  we-

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Just a bit of paradise...

A little bit of everything in this  Just trying to catch up on the past few months.

Can you see those little precious babies in there?  The horn bird nest is here for another year.  We had the best time watching these sweet little house wrens grow up.  We actually got to watch the Momma teach her babies to fly.  She sent them out of the nest one afternoon.  I was in the kitchen and heard Sadie barking and barking.  Well, as I exited the back yard, I saw her trying to stick her nose under the grill.  Turns out there was a couple of baby birds back there.  I shooed her away and the boys and I watched the Momma fuss and chirp at her babies (who were hiding behind the bench, rain water barrels and grill), until they started to fly.  It was the most precious thing! 
Some of Peanuts lego creations. 
Our wooly bear caterpillar habitat.  The boys and I enjoyed catching wooly bears in the yard and we made a habitat so we could watch them eat and spin their cocoon. 
Here is a few up close. 
I finally finished the scarf I have been working on for way to long!  Whew!   
My GA girls and I made bird feeders as part of our God's Creation Badge requirements.  We took them to Getzendaner park one afternoon and hung them around one of the trails for our feathered friends. 

Here's the bird feeder hanging crew! 
RA Race - 2012 
The boys didn't win any awards, but they had a great time racing their cars.
Here is Bug's American Flag Truck.
Red's Firetruck.
Momma Kitty blessed us with five precious kittens on April 10, 2012.

"Don't you have enough pictures yet, Mom!" 
Here is my smokey...just born...sweet baby. 
This is Miss Minnie Me. 
Our sweet boy Lucas. 
Bug's baby Lucky.

And our sweet Tigger girl. 
Junkin' weekend came up again this spring and of course, family tradition, we headed out bright and early to see what goodies we could find.  I picked up this Ubuild Monopoly game for $.50!  Can you believe that - what a deal.  It's become one of our favorite fun! 
We also got this Clue spy's awesome, the boys love this one!   
This one is just funny.  I opened the potato drawer and found a science experiment!  LOL 
Forts, Forts and more FORTS...even forts on the trampoline!   
Check out our swans...pretty good, right? 

Bananagrams...this was another Junkin' Weekend find...$.50 - I love this price, and the game is so fun! 
Easter Fun with my GA girls!  We played some fun games outside and the girls had a ball! 
Easter Egg relays! 
Run, Run, Run! 
One of Red's Mission Projects for RA's was to make envelope books for the hospital.  The boys decorated the envelopes and wrote nice things on them.  Then we wrote out verses on index cards and put them inside the envelopes.  I attached them together with a ring.  We left these at the hospital waiting room in town. 

Some of Red's math work, he was working on graphs, so we used a random magazine at the library to graph animals we saw. 
Bug is learning to research.  So he picks a subject and then goes through the steps to look it up.  Finding books, taking notes, writing a report, then giving his report out loud. 
My Bunnies...I have to say I believe this Draw Write Now is helping me with my drawing skills!  LOL 
For Mother's Day, the boys picked out special cards for Memaw.  Then they wrote her special notes and decorated them. 

Red writing out his card. 
Here we are drawing The 3 little pigs! 
Here's those itty bitty sweet they are!
From left to right, Tigger, Smokey, Minnie Me, Lucas, Lucky 
Bug liked to try to get them to play with the cat teaser. 
Lincoln Log building! 
Check this out, I have actually taught myself to knit on the needles!  LOL 
Go Me!  I am making (made) a pot holder!!! 
One of our chrysalis' hatched...woo-hoo! 
The Painted Lady Butterfly 
Our Monarch...we came home and found him on the chair! 
So pretty! 
Isn't he gorgeous!  Oh my goodness, I was just in awe at his colors and patterns.  Such a beauty! 
I took him out and put him on the bush outside.  He drank nectar for a while then off he flew.
This is what happens when a Bug stays up late.  LOL 
I broke out the Cricut machine that Mom got me for my birthday.  It came in quite handy to make the names for the GA girls posters.  I am not so sure about the whole paper sticking to the mat thing, that's a little icky for me, but I love the way it cuts.  Now I just gotta be on the lookout for clearance cartridges. 
Sadie girl got a bath...she was not very happy. 
"Aww, Mom, I worked so hard to stink this bad".  LOL
And this is what Sadie does when your back is turned and your washing her brother!  GRRR! 
Look how filthy she is, crazy hound!
Scamp followed Sadie's example while I was busy washing Lady!  Heathen Dog!
Momma Kitty and her babies, they are a little over a month old here and we started
 them on wet food.  We knew we were going to be traveling to Uncle Mike's in a few weeks 
and we wanted to make sure they were eating by then. 
We found a little tiny frog in the back yard.  We shall call him Fred and set him free over the fence where the hounds can't eat him! 
My GA girls got to meet a missionary.  How cool is that?  Ms. Moore came to talk to the group and the girls got to hear all about her work in the Canary Islands.  She even brought clothes for them to try on.  Bailey is so funny, she put on the full costume - such an actress!  LOL 
The girls also got to participate in the discussion about the people that live there.  We learned all sorts of interesting facts about the Canary Islands. 
Mrs. Moore brought lots of cool items to share as well as some really cool pictures. 
The girls also got to play a paddle ball game like the kids in the Canary Islands! 
Some of our wooly bear caterpillars made their cocoons! 
Have you ever done your school work in a boys love it!  LOL 
Another Painted Lady has emerged! 
Bug caught her with the net so he could let her go outside. 
And there she goes...

On that note, more to come!  Thanks for sharing our crazy lives with us...we-