Monday, May 15, 2006

From Wendy: Well no response yet from the family about joining...I hope some of you do...What a great way to chat and stay in touch.

You should have seen my kaden tonight, what a nut. He was being big loud kid and so noisy big brother and I had to tell him to hush. It was hilarious. We have discovered he is allergic to carrots...What joy...We are back to squash...Yummy...We shall try sweet potatoes in a few days when his rash clears up.

Kutter bug has had a great day...We went to Wal-mart after Max left today and he did great. We picked out some "Finding Nemo" undies...If he poops in the potty...They are his prize...We are working on it. Ignorantly...I thought once he got the tee-tee it would all fall into place...I know I know...It will. Just frustratingly slow. Anyways...He wanted pizza for dinner, so I made pizza when we got home...With kidney beans...What a great meal...The child is a bean fanatic. He loves them any kind (except green beans) he will eat. He picked out kidney beans...Funny I know.

I on the other hand had bbq meatloaf...I made it myself...Rachael Ray's recipe...Sort of...haha! No cheese for me so I am left out of the pizza round.

tomorrow is Tuesday...Granny's day...The boys and I are headed up to Granny's house to do crafts. I haven't decided what yet. I thought about popcorn flowers, but Wal-mart didn't have dry tempera paint and I didn't make it to the teachers store. So I will come up with something else. I will try to get some pics to post...

Well I gotta finish cleaning up and gathering all my stuff for tomorrow. We will be decorating for VBS as well. Have to squeeze lunch and naps in there to though...augh what an exhausting day! I think we'll have lunch with Granny...Kutter loves that. I know Granny does too.

Oh for those who haven't heard, Granny's party is the 3rd of June it is a Texas Luau theme, so party decorating ideas and supplies are welcome. Aunt Shirley has come up with several great ideas, so contact her with others or supplies.

again soon...we-

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