Friday, May 19, 2006

Well what a hoot, Auntie Angela and her barnyard clan! They keep me rolling. She is having some difficulties getting her blogs to post, but I posted the one she sent. Hopefully we will work it all out tomorrow.

Can you completely envision my crazy brother carrying the goat...oh gosh Angela you must get a picture of this to post...haha! We could probably win money somewhere! :)

Well, I am tired, so I will write more tomorrow...

Oh, update...Matthew has arrived...5 lbs or so I believe and 19 inches long...big feet, no hair is what I hear...I think he had to have some oxygen, but other than that was doing well. All I heard for now...perhaps Courtney or Gaelan or someone will soon join in and let us know more! hint hint!!!! :)

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