Thursday, May 18, 2006

From Wendy:

I heard on the food network that the color green reminds people of mold, so companies don't often use it in packaging food. What do you think?

I am with you...come on family...join in! What better way to nourish family communication!

Sorry to hear about the SA job...something will come up...pray about it. Prayer works. Have you heard that song "When Momma Prays" by Randy Travis? Even if you hate Randy Travis - just listen to the song...I think he wrote it about my mother. She is like that. She prays and things begin to move and change. I think it just takes faith - the believing no matter what.

Have you tried What kind of job are you looking for? Oh, I just came up with something...the little boy I keep, his mom has this really great job and she would probably pass along your resume...Tracy you too. Her company is all over I believe. Email me your resume. I will pass it along to her. And anyone else interested.

I was so exhausted last night I didn't even check email, I fell into bed when I put Kutter to bed and didn't wake up. We decorated at church for VBS and it was terriblely hot because the air was not on. But we did get more done. We have a whole other room to do though.

Tasha what are you doing the first week of June? the 5th - 9th? Would you like to help with VBS - 9:00 - 12:30?

Today has been a good day... My friend Amanda brought her son Nathaniel (18 months) over for "work time". She is trying to teach him to sit and work with her on lessons and such. He did really well for his first time. Bug had some trouble with a new person and all, but for the most part the day went smoothly. The boys all seemed to have fun and outside time was even more fun with another person to play with.

Starting next week I will change craft time to 6pm on Tuesday evenings...anyone free and in town is welcome to join. Since I will have more kids during the day, I won't have a way to transport them all. But we have such a great time with Granny, I want to continue craft time.

Well, I here little people stirring, so I will go for now...have you noticed the crazy time...I can't find the right time zone...

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tashalynn1 said...

would be good. I know in the evening Brett has scout function that week, but I might could during the day