Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hello all, how are you? Well here is what is going on. Matthew Allen Frazier blessed us at 12:45pm May 19, 2006. He was 5lbs 5oz and 16 inches. He wasn't breathing very well at first, only 50 heartbeats per min, but with in 2min he was up to normal; which was incredible. He was purple when he came out, it was a little scary at first, then they only let me see for a split second and they wisked him off to be taken care of. PRAISE THE LORD, he was not intibated!! He had to spend to spend a few hours under an oxygen hood. They thought that they would have to send him to Childrens Medical in Fort Worth if he couldn't maintain his oxygen level, but exceeded all expectations they had that night and since. He is such a fighter, the nurses said that usually premies just lay there and let them do whatever, but Matthew made them work very hard, it took 2 nurses to give him an IV. They decieded at about 8 or 9 that he would be able to stay here. Gaelan went in about 11:30pm to check on him and they let him hold Matthew. I was still recovering from the surgery so I couldn't get out of bed, I was a little jealous and sad, but I eventually got to hold him. Gaelan was and has been amazing in taking care of me and Matthew!!! God has really blessed me with an incredible husband, he is going to be an amazing father!! I was able to go and see Matthew later the next day, the nurses who came back from the day before where so amazed that he was still here let alone, maintain his oxygen level and temp. On Sunday he started feedings, he had a small set back and to be put under the oxygen hood for a little while, but bounced right back. Now he is breatfeeding every other feeding and doing great!! When started his feedings, they wanted him to take 20 cc, after one feeding he was taking 30cc. Tonight he took 50cc. He does have an feeding tube just incase he doesn't take the 20, but that has only had to be used twice. The goal for him to go home is for him to gain some weight so that they know he is feeding well. They say that if we are comfortable removing and reinserting the feeding tube he could go home friday, if not possible Sunday. They say that it might be possible that he might no longer need the feeding tube. That is our prayer request now, that he maintains his good feedings, gains weight, and the tube comes out soon. Matthew is a remarkable baby. He has quite a little personality. He hate being messed with. He has such long arms and legs. HUGE feet and hands and long fingers and toes. We jokingly call him our little "chimp" baby, because that's kind of what he looks like. He so cute!! but hey I am bias. I am healing from the surgery, I have been released but staying at hospital with Matthew, the hospital offers it as a courtesy. I still a bit of pain, but I can get around. Please pray for me, that I can heal and get over this pain quickly so that I can take care of Matthew when he comes home. Thank you so much for all your prayers throughout this entire pregnancy, God has answered them and more. Well sorry that this has been so long. I will let everyone know when we come home. I have attached a picture of Matthew for you to enjoy. Thank you and God bless.
Love In Christ, Courtney, Gaelan and Matthew Eph. 6:11

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