Saturday, May 20, 2006

Well, I see that someone has got it! Yeah!

Sad to hear about the ball is funny how the parents can get so obsessed and the kids are happy with the trophy...hummm...haha! Just kidding...

Did you stomp onto the field and kick the refs butt? How did they get someone from their team fair is that?

Aren't we supposed to be teaching honesty?

Anyway, I will stop preaching.

Speaking of preaching...anyone for church tomorrow? We could compare sermons. Although I bet I win...Bro Rial is quite a pastor...hard to beat I bet.

I am going to work Sunday School in the morning...can you believe that? I actually asked about assisting in one of the classrooms. But the room they need someone is, is Kaden's class - the bed babies. Seems they have had an influx of babies lately. Wonder how that happened? :) It is sad I know I will teach whoever or whatever just to teach. I am trying to think of what sort of lesson I can do with this group...

Well, we have spent the day cleaning and such...nothing really special...been kinda a slow day.

Kaden tried green beans today...he didn't seem to impressed, but he ate them.

Kutter was "superman" for most of the day with his blue cape cute is that!

Take care of each other...

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