Friday, September 19, 2008

Well my Bug is officially 5 now...can you believe that! We went to eat last night and he got to open his present (the blue ninja turtle) that he has been wanting - Kaden was so excited for him. LOL. Then we went to blockbuster and rented a video game - which he got to play with Daddy until waaaayyyy past bedtime...LOL. He loved it though. He picked the Incredibles...which is based on the movie. If you've seen the incredibles at the end the Underminer comes up and says - "Behold the Underminer" - well that is where the game picks up. So Mr. Incredible and Frozone have to save the world. It's pretty cool actually! We slept late this morning and are just really moving around. I am now officially enrolled in another course - schools and society. I am one class over have way finished with my degree now. 21 complete out of 40 - WooHoo!!! I have 6 weeks to complete this one. Schools and Society. So pray it all goes smoothly! Natasha's youngest is out of the hospital - asthma troubles. Home with lots of meds....pray his lungs will heal quickly. All for to all...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Memaw Dottie says...

Congrats on the math. Big one-YEA. Well, we weathered the storm well. The soft wind was nice, and the slow rain was wonderful. Then it stopped. Later in the night we got more rain. About 2-21/2 inches. We needed it. Other than that I am still trying to get rid of things we no longer need are use. Tom was not able to turn wells back on yet, for the lines are full. Down time, he cleans up! Well I have to go and get his evening meal ready. Love memaw
Whew...what a day. It is the last day my Bug is 4 and I hate to say, but I am glad it is coming to a close. The boys are sleeping, my work is almost complete...I am headed to a hot bath and my It has been a long day. The boys and I headed to the old school to drop off some books Mr. M wanted to borrow and have lunch. The boys were able to work in the classes with the kids and they had fun. But boy is it a looooong way over there. 1 1/2 hours! ugh! We did get to stop and see Granny while we were up there though, so that was good. She is doing better and was talking some. When we got home they were both tired and grouchy...bug fell asleep on the way home and that wasn't good. But we ate a quick dinner...played a little and headed to the bath. Which went sour quickly... So toothbrushing, a book and lights out were quick tonight. They went to sleep and I cleaned up the kitchen and readied our stuff for tomorrow. Whew...I am tired now, so off I go to my tub and my book....gonna kiss my 4 year old on the way...5 time does to all.

Oh, I have student fair tickets if anyone wants any - the fair starts Sept. 26th and these tickets are good for any weekday for students. If you want some, let me know - I have plenty!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Well what a day! Our director at First Steps came down with the stomach virus that is going around, so she was home sick today. But school went really well! I have to say my Ladybugs are truly the best class. They are so mild mannered and good kids. Our class motto is "When you listen you learn" and they are really learning!!! :) On the way home I had a blow out in the truck. Yeah! I was just down the road from our house - thank goodness. A neighbor helped me to change it because I had no idea how to make the spare come down. LOL!

We have tadpoles...we got them from Brian's dads house. I have been changing out water every other day for over a week now and I am done with that! LOL I went and picked up a filter at wal-mart and cleared up that problem. I had to put them in a bigger tub, but they are looking great! We also have a preying mantis now - Kutter and I caught it this afternoon. It is in a gallon jar with a branch and some spiders and bugs we caught. We are becoming a regular zoo!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh - I forgot to mention



I am sooooo done with Math!

Hello all...well another busy week is here - does life ever slow down? LOL

The boys and I had fun at coop today - Kaden played with his friends in Ms. Marci and Ms. Larissa's class and enjoyed the nice weather on the playground. Kutter's class worked on their letter books and the calendar. During PE we played kickball - that is interesting...most of them don't really get the concept yet, so it is mostly the adults cheer them on with exact instructions. LOL. Kutter got two people out though and would have had a third if I hadn't redirected him. (The little boy is soooo little and wanted to get to base so badly and Kutter had already gotten him out once.) During art they talked about hieroglyphics and cartouche (I think I spelled that right). It was part of the Egyptian culture stuff. It was fun though.

We are heading into town to do a mystery shop at Target in a bit and then head up to FBC to set up for school tomorrow. I am also beginning a ladies bible study on Monday's at FBC so we will stay for that. We are going to do the book Captivating by Stacy Eldridge. I think that is her name, I have to pick up my book from mom so I am not exact on that. I have read the book before - we discussed it at MOM's group a few years back. For all you ladies out there and young ladies it is awesome!!!!

Well that is all the news for now...I will end with a favorite verse...

16 Come and listen, all you who fear God,
and I will tell you what he did for me.
17 For I cried out to him for help,
praising him as I spoke.
18 If I had not confessed the sin in my heart,
the Lord would not have listened.
19 But God did listen!
He paid attention to my prayer.
20 Praise God, who did not ignore my prayer
or withdraw his unfailing love from me.

Love to all...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Well, school is here again. LOL

The boys and I started Tues/Thur school last week - it is going well. I am teaching 3's this year. Bug is in the Pre-K room with Ms. Erika and Little Bubba is in the 2's room with Ms. Betty and Ms. Terri.

My class is called the Ladybugs and I have to say that I have the class of the year. They are so good and so calm and just a great group of kids. They work well, listen most of the time and NAP so well!!!!! I love it! I have a couple that try my patience from time to time, but I have noticed that they are getting better and it has only been 3 days. Woo-Hoo. I suppose the Lord decided I needed a break for a while. LOL.

The boys and I started Homeschool coop this week (just one day a week). Bug is in the PreK class with Ms. Linda and I help out in there. Kaden goes into the nursery this year, next year he will be able to attend classes. We had great fun this week. They do a circle time with the calendar, counting, etc. and we do a letter of the week and are making a letter book. We are also studying cultures - Egypt right now and do art. The kids made Egyptian jewelry this week. How cool!

Our homeschooling has started as well. We have been doing a little here and there over the summer, but with all the craziness - we didn't accomplish much. The boys and I worked hard this morning and they did well. I am working on the Kindergarten skills with Bug and little bubba is tagging along. I am able to get him to work on his own works as well and he is fine tuning some vocabulary, colors, shapes, etc. Not that he needs more words...goodness that boy has plenty on his own. LOL

Well we are planning for Bug's birthday next week - can you believe it - the big 5 already here. LOL We will be going to the beach to celebrate - how fun! We are also planning a "friend" party at the park here in Waxahachie. With cake and a pinata...that will be fun!

I submitted my last math task today - I am hoping I got it this time! Pray for a passing score! LOL If so I am finished with Math - hopefully forever! I have began working on one of my teaching courses - Schools and Society, but am not officially enrolled just yet.

Well, all for now...