Friday, May 26, 2006

Good Morning...I have just a moment and wanted to jot a few words...

Yesterday was a great day - had 5 kids - 6 for outside and lunch. We had a great working day and lots of fun!

Afterschool Kaden and I went to work on the VBS rooms - got the other mostly done. What a job!

Kaden bonked his head on the window ledge and has a line/bruise on his knot! He screamed bloody murder, scared me and Ms. Jo to death!

Kutter bug is a mess...we have been washing a lot of undies lately and last night I told him I had to again. With his head cocked to the side and each hand held palm up next to his shoulders he said "More finding Nemo underwear at the store." Our deal is he gets the finding Nemo ones when he poops in the potty. Little mess.

Did you know that you can float in the dead sea in an almost complete sitting position?

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