Thursday, November 27, 2008

Where oh where has November gone???

I can not believe that Thanksgiving is already here. But oh so much to be thankful family first and the joy they bring!

The boys and I traveled to Arkansas last week to visit with Grandma and all the Aunts and Uncles and cousins. It was a lot of fun! But oh, such a long trip. The ride in the car is killer. But it is worth it. It was sooooo cold while we were there so we spent a lot of time doing stuff inside the house. The first night we were there it was 23 degrees!!!! Brrrr. I got a lot of homework done! Someone in the neighborhood had a wireless connection so I took advantage! LOL. I even finished a class - Human Development.

The boys and I spent all of Tuesday and yesterday cleaning house and getting ready for this weekend. We are spending Thanksgiving day with Mom and Dad - I think they cousins are coming too. That will be lots of fun!!!! Mom and I plan to hit the sales on Friday morning! Woo-Hoo! I love to shop the sales after Thanksgiving! It is so fun!!!!! I have some definite plans for Wal-mart! This Saturday BJ's family is coming up and we are all going out to dinner. We decided to do it the easy way and let someone else clean it up! Yeah!

The boys and I spent part of our clean up time wrapping presents. We actually have quite a bit of our shopping done so the tree looks really festive and pretty. We went ahead and decorated way early so we would be ready for this weekend. the kids love it. We bought a 8 foot tree (prelighted) for @20 at an auction in Comanche...what a deal! Let me see if I can get a picture in here...

hmm...well it's not loading...I will have to try again in a bit. It is really pretty. The boys did a great job decorating it. We have to make a topper for it because it is so tall. LOL

The boys and I wrote out our Christmas letters to Santa last night. Bug insisted I write one too...LOL.

Well I can't get the pics to upload just yet...I will try again in a bit...probably our slow connection.

Anyway - I gotta get so we can be on our way. Happy Turkey Day to all! Tell someone you are thankful for them...we-

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What a day today was! Busy and good.

The boys and I headed to Garland for school in the "new" car - yes we finally decided that having an old car that wasn't very reliable just wasn't safe for the boys and I to be driving long distances. Brian found an unbelievable deal yesterday on a wine colored Buick LaSabre. God was certainly looking out for us!!!

I dropped the boys off at class and headed to the library to do some research for one of the nine...did you catch that???? NINE papers I have due for my human development class! Oh My!!!! Pray for my sanity please.

For all who are bummed about the election...remember God is in control...perhaps he's just trying to get us all to turn to Him...
After the library I headed to Aunt Shirley's and we worked on snowmen. They are turning out so cute. I think we have a dozen or so finished! Woo-Hoo! We plan to distribute them at Granny's nursing home at Christmas time.

This evening at the church service at Willowbend the pastors did a memorial service for Granny. It was awesome. Aunt Shirley and I printed up a poster with Granny's pick and a little about her and we distributed them for the residents. (We have more if anyone wants a copy.)
Here is what we said...

Josephine Emma Frazier
June 5, 1915 - October 10, 2008

Josephine was a resident of Willowbend Nursing and Rehab for a little over four years. She moved to the metroplex from South Texas, from a little town named Pearsall. Josephine and her twin brother, Joseph was born in Goldfinch Texas. During her school years she was taught history by Lyndon B. Johnson. At the tender age of 16, Josephine married Ernest Frazier. The couple settled in Pearsall and started a family of nine children. Josephine taught Sunday school at the First Baptist Church and firmly believed in the saving Grace of her Heavenly Father. She spent many years caring for the children of family and friends. She even kept country music legend, George Strait, and his brother, when they were just boys. A homemaker and loving mother, Josephine enjoyed doing arts and crafts and loved celebrating the holidays with her family. She loved to cook and taught many others the love of working in the kitchen. She doted on her family and loved to visit and spend time with her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and the newest great-great grandchildren. Loved by all, Josephine is greatly missed, but her legacy lives on through the love she brought to all she encountered.

Granny’s Hands…living…loving…lighting the way…

You know didn't live so far I would take the boys to Wed. night service there every week. To see the genuine pleasure and worship on the faces of the senior who attend was just joyful. And to hear their songs and prayer requests was awesome. To be so free in the Grace of our Lord...I do hope someway I have that peace...

Well all for now...must do some to all...keep safe!