Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Well, glad to see Tasha has decided to join...What are you doing pushing over a port o pottie girl!

I understand the incredible busy part. The boys and I have been running like chickens all day. How does a chicken run you ask...I will leave that to your imagination...

The boys and I spent the entire day running - doing errands and such. We began with Granny and craft time at her home. We made spinners or "snakes" as Kutter calls them. We colored paper plates and cut them in a spiral pattern to hang in the residents rooms. They seemed to enjoy this activity and came up with some really nice ones. Granny was feeling quite "spry" today and did a great job with her spinner. She is so creative...

We left around lunch to go get Bug's haircut. Which took so long...We had to wait forever, but he needed a haircut so badly that I just waited it out.

The boys were real troopers hanging in there for all the ins and outs of the truck. I think by the time we made it in this afternoon they were both pooped. I know I was.

Kaden tried sweet potatoes tonight...

Kutter bug is still avoiding pooping in the potty...We got Finding Nemo undies as a prize if he goes...He tries to convince me they are for peeing in the potty...To smart for his own good.

We are going to go decorate some more for VBS tomorrow afternoon. I plan to finish the snowdrift and the snowwall behind it. This will involve hanging white paper, snowflakes and icicles. I will also put out the rest of the "ice blocks" and "snow bags". And another tree for the forest. I will try to remember to take pics so you guys can see what I am up too. The boys will be with me, so it should be interesting.

For Granny's birthday party - -Texas Luau theme - I picked up a few garlands of Hawaiian shirts and flip flops and pink flamingo and parrots today. I am on the lookout for other theme related ideas. The dollar tree has "lays" 7 for a $1. Anybody have these or should we get some? I will also be making sugar cookies for the party. Any other ideas are welcome.

Well I may have acquired myself another student for the summer months. Sonya (the activities director at Granny's home) has a 6 year old son (Joshua). She is looking for a tutoring program for this summer. She asked me about what I offer in my program. I told her a little about the program and cost and such. She said she would like to have him come at least 3 days a week. She will get back to me, so perhaps I will have another student to mentor this summer. I am excited. I have 3 so far plus my two, so it will be a jam packed summer but much fun!

Oh, Tasha, if the boys would like to - our church is having VBS (as I mentioned earlier) the first week of June (5th - 9th). They are more than welcome. It is the Orchard Hills Baptist Church at Saturn/Kingsley in Garland. VBS goes from 9:00 - 12:30pm each day. 4 years to 5th grade...all free of course.

Well, I better get my hinny over to the mountain of laundry I need to fold...neverending diapers...augh!

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tashalynn1 said...

yea, they would like the vbs! brett has twilight camp for scouts that week but it will be in eve.