Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Hello 2009!

Well to all...I actually missed the new year...oops! Go figure...not me! LOL

I was working away here at my faithful computer listening to the fireworks going off in our neighborhood, praying the field wouldn't be set on fire and just let the stroke of 2008/2009 slip right by. huh...I hope that is an indicator of how boring my year will be...I could use boring....really I could.

But anyway...I submitted a few more assignments and completed the research paper part of that project. I have an essay and a concept map to attach before it is complete, but hey I am a little closer.

You would all be so proud...I actually got a wild hair Tuesday and decided that I was going to uproot my entire living/dining/family area and redo! Something new for the new year right? LOL. Anyway I finished it late this afternoon. Finally...but it is a whole new look with lots of space for the kids to run - as they have already shown me. I am rethinking that But it is so comfortable that I will just have to put up with it! I have the living room set up so that it overflows into the family area where the boys and I can school with much more room! Woo-hoo!

Well, I better sign off for now...I hear little feet headed to the potty. Much love and well wishes to all...Happiest New Year Wishes. May you and yours be richly blessed by our Lord in this new year!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Birthday LizzieBeth!!!!!! Have an awesome super duper day!
Merry Christmas to all...late I know. I had big dreams of blogging all the news before Christmas happened...but that didn't happen. Brian, the boys and I left out the Friday before Christmas and returned home yesterday...yes, you got it over a week we were gone. was great and crazy all at the same time. We certainly enjoyed our visiting time, but were very glad to get back home. I am sure Lady (our German Shepherd) was glad to see us as well.

We all headed down to mom and dad's in Giddings to stay until Christmas. That was lots of fun. The cousins came to stay so the boys enjoyed so good ol' playing with the cousins. Auntie tried to teach me how to knit...I am not very good. But she gave me a set of long looms for Christmas and I am very good at making scarves on the loom. It is much easier. LOL. I have made 2 scarves so far. I am determined to learn on the needles though. I got a book called I taught myself to knit for Christmas and I am hoping to learn on the needles with that. We decorated a gingerbread house...that was interesting and had our family dinner and present opening. That was tons of fun. I think Memaw and Papa enjoyed having all the kids together...but I am sure they were ready to get their house back. LOL

Christmas day was exciting...Santa visited Memaw and Papa's house and left the Alamo complete with soldiers (the Texicans and Santa Anna's army!!!!). That was a huge hit and has proven to be the best present thus far. :) Kaden hardly wanted to leave the Alamo alone long enough to open anything else. He told us he just didn't want to look in his stocking. LOL. The Alamo won out for sure. Memaw and Papa got them rifle guns and swords. That was a big hit with Kutter Bug! Kaden was too stuck on the Alamo to notice much

We headed out to Papa and Net's house later Christmas afternoon. The boys enjoyed playing with cousin Davin and we stayed up way later than usual. Kaden was so tired he slept way past everyone else and even when the boys were playing Lego batman and Mark was working on the bathroom tile, he slept right through. It was hilarious. We just hung out and played all day. I went to the after Christmas sale with Papa and a bundle and got some paper, boxes and various items for next year. We did Christmas presents and dinner with everyone on Saturday afternoon. The boys enjoyed that. Net made them vest and chaps sets and they got 6 shooters to go with it. Kutter loved that. He actually dressed up in the whole outfit right away.

Shortly after presents we headed home...It was quite a challenge to fit everything in the car...but we did it. It was very good to be home...we unloaded a little something to eat and just hung out till late. The boys slept most of the way home so they were all keyed up. They played war down the hallway with Daddy and their army men. That was hilarious. They love it.

Today is our "get back to reality" day. Brian heads back to work so he is trying to get his stuff together and I am trying to catch up on everything and get our stuff cleaned up, put up, washed, etc. UGH! But all's well at the Johnson house...

I have been working a lot on my homework and have completed and passed several assignments. I have two pending grading for my Classroom Management class - pray I pass them and that class is done!!! W00-Hoo! I also need to complete my research paper...I am determined to complete that this week - if I get it passed then I will be done with my Diversity and Inclusion class. Yeah! I just began a new class - Testing. I have completed task 1 and it is pending grading. 4 tasks to go! I also have a big test coming up... the THEA test which is the basic skills tests that teachers have to take for certification. I am planning to take this test at the end of January. Pray for me to do well. I need to have a passing score posted no later than April 1st in order to student teach in Jan. 2010. Pray all will go smoothly for me!

Well all for now I suppose. I hope all you guys have had a great Christmas and all are well and safe.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Well here I am you believe it's already mid December...where did it go? LOL...well the boys and I are enjoying a snowy day today at home...the roads were icy so First Steps MDO is closed for the day. It has been snowing most of the day, very lightly and there is a light covering of snow on the ground. It is very very cold!!! We all slept late and enjoyed some cartoons this morning. Thank goodness for footy pajamas and heat! LOL. After breakfast we started school which went very well! Woo-Hoo! Kaden didn't give me much of a hard time today...thank goodness. LOL.

Speaking of Kaden, he turned the big 3 on Friday! Happy Birthday Brutus! He got cowboy boots for his birthday! Which he has been wearing everyday since. We went for his three year old checkup - which went so well - he is perfect and NO SHOTS!!! He wore his Davy vest, bandanna, coon skin cap and his boots of course. It was great.

Afterward we went to check on Aunt Shirley and make sure she was surviving the cold and then dropped off some presents at Granny's nursing home for their Christmas party on Thursday. We are hoping to go to the party Thursday evening. They are having a residents Christmas party that evening and they have put together a residents choir. The boys are excited to sing with them!!! :)

Well I just got off the phone with Jerry Wayne and it looks as if the annual Frazier family reunion will be at Fort Parker again next June. That is always eventful and fun! :)

School for me is trucking along, I am working on a research paper right now...ugh. I haven't done a research paper in way too many It is the last assignment for my diversity and inclusion class. Pray for me to get it all together! My classroom management class is going well, I still have a few assignments to finish up, but they are video assignments and I generally have to go into town because our slooooowwww dialup doesn't stream the video fast enough. Yuck.

Big news friend Amanda had a baby girl this morning...7 lbs 4 oz....Ashlyn is her name. How sweet...our Lord is so good to us. Nathaniel is a big brother now!!!!

Well...stay warm and in the Lord...we-

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Where oh where has November gone???

I can not believe that Thanksgiving is already here. But oh so much to be thankful family first and the joy they bring!

The boys and I traveled to Arkansas last week to visit with Grandma and all the Aunts and Uncles and cousins. It was a lot of fun! But oh, such a long trip. The ride in the car is killer. But it is worth it. It was sooooo cold while we were there so we spent a lot of time doing stuff inside the house. The first night we were there it was 23 degrees!!!! Brrrr. I got a lot of homework done! Someone in the neighborhood had a wireless connection so I took advantage! LOL. I even finished a class - Human Development.

The boys and I spent all of Tuesday and yesterday cleaning house and getting ready for this weekend. We are spending Thanksgiving day with Mom and Dad - I think they cousins are coming too. That will be lots of fun!!!! Mom and I plan to hit the sales on Friday morning! Woo-Hoo! I love to shop the sales after Thanksgiving! It is so fun!!!!! I have some definite plans for Wal-mart! This Saturday BJ's family is coming up and we are all going out to dinner. We decided to do it the easy way and let someone else clean it up! Yeah!

The boys and I spent part of our clean up time wrapping presents. We actually have quite a bit of our shopping done so the tree looks really festive and pretty. We went ahead and decorated way early so we would be ready for this weekend. the kids love it. We bought a 8 foot tree (prelighted) for @20 at an auction in Comanche...what a deal! Let me see if I can get a picture in here...

hmm...well it's not loading...I will have to try again in a bit. It is really pretty. The boys did a great job decorating it. We have to make a topper for it because it is so tall. LOL

The boys and I wrote out our Christmas letters to Santa last night. Bug insisted I write one too...LOL.

Well I can't get the pics to upload just yet...I will try again in a bit...probably our slow connection.

Anyway - I gotta get so we can be on our way. Happy Turkey Day to all! Tell someone you are thankful for them...we-

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What a day today was! Busy and good.

The boys and I headed to Garland for school in the "new" car - yes we finally decided that having an old car that wasn't very reliable just wasn't safe for the boys and I to be driving long distances. Brian found an unbelievable deal yesterday on a wine colored Buick LaSabre. God was certainly looking out for us!!!

I dropped the boys off at class and headed to the library to do some research for one of the nine...did you catch that???? NINE papers I have due for my human development class! Oh My!!!! Pray for my sanity please.

For all who are bummed about the election...remember God is in control...perhaps he's just trying to get us all to turn to Him...
After the library I headed to Aunt Shirley's and we worked on snowmen. They are turning out so cute. I think we have a dozen or so finished! Woo-Hoo! We plan to distribute them at Granny's nursing home at Christmas time.

This evening at the church service at Willowbend the pastors did a memorial service for Granny. It was awesome. Aunt Shirley and I printed up a poster with Granny's pick and a little about her and we distributed them for the residents. (We have more if anyone wants a copy.)
Here is what we said...

Josephine Emma Frazier
June 5, 1915 - October 10, 2008

Josephine was a resident of Willowbend Nursing and Rehab for a little over four years. She moved to the metroplex from South Texas, from a little town named Pearsall. Josephine and her twin brother, Joseph was born in Goldfinch Texas. During her school years she was taught history by Lyndon B. Johnson. At the tender age of 16, Josephine married Ernest Frazier. The couple settled in Pearsall and started a family of nine children. Josephine taught Sunday school at the First Baptist Church and firmly believed in the saving Grace of her Heavenly Father. She spent many years caring for the children of family and friends. She even kept country music legend, George Strait, and his brother, when they were just boys. A homemaker and loving mother, Josephine enjoyed doing arts and crafts and loved celebrating the holidays with her family. She loved to cook and taught many others the love of working in the kitchen. She doted on her family and loved to visit and spend time with her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and the newest great-great grandchildren. Loved by all, Josephine is greatly missed, but her legacy lives on through the love she brought to all she encountered.

Granny’s Hands…living…loving…lighting the way…

You know didn't live so far I would take the boys to Wed. night service there every week. To see the genuine pleasure and worship on the faces of the senior who attend was just joyful. And to hear their songs and prayer requests was awesome. To be so free in the Grace of our Lord...I do hope someway I have that peace...

Well all for now...must do some to all...keep safe!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yesterday - Wednesday was a great day at our house...

Bug and I started school after breakfast and were able to get through several items. Then we took a break and the boys had some free time to play and watch tv. I talked to my friend Amanda on the phone for a while. We have been missing each other lately. Then the boys and I puzzled in their room for a while and watched Bibleman. We did several puzzles together, that was fun. We figured out we were starving so I headed to the kitchen to whip up some tacos and Bug came along to finish up some school work. We set up a table and chair for him and completed several lessons together as I cooked. He did a great job and worked really hard! After lunch Bug and I played a few games of Clue Jr. He got it as a gift for his birthday and he does love it. He loves to play board games... It is a really cute game and lots of fun. He is starting to get the hang of it. If you have young ones it is a great game to get. We had a great day just hanging out here at the house. We didn't even go to church last night. Tuesday was a really hard afternoon for us, so it was good just to be home. I think we are all having a difficult time adjusting to being back at home and trying to be normal again. Plus I am just exhausted and seem to tire so easily these days.

I didn't get to go and help Aunt Shirley yesterday, but I am hoping to go next week. The boys will go to school up there that day. We shall see how it works. I know Aunt Shirley needs/wants help so I am going to try to be there for her as best I can.

Today was a good day overall...

It began sort of rough though. Our dog, Charlie, (little red's favorite) was hit by a car this morning. I saw him in the road when we were leaving. There was a pool of blood by his head so I called Brian and he came and picked him up. He was dead so BJ buried him in the back behind the building. I haven't told the boys yet, I am waiting until tomorrow when BJ is home so that we can do it together and the boys and BJ can make a cross marker for his grave. I just kept thinking gosh...another death for them to hear about. I am beginning to think something is wrong with us. Charlie was really the dumbest animal on earth. He wouldn't stay in the yard for nothing and if we tied him he broke the chain, if we penned him he would bark and whine constantly. But as annoying as he could be, Kaden loved him. Pray for us to go through yet another loss with out children...

At school it was "Pumpkin Day" - which was lots of fun. We played games like pumpkin in the straw, ring the pumpkin and corn husking race, took lots of pictures, saw animals at the petting zoo and ate lunch with our friends. It was great. And exhausting! LOL.

Well, I better sign off for now....add a blog when you can...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Well, can you believe October is upon us...and a terrible one it has been. It started okay...with a last minute camping trip with Memaw and Papa. Which turned into a week long vigil with Granny in the hospital. Thank goodness for the Montessori school where the boys could go to school while I sat with Granny. Days I can never get back and hours that will forever be etched in my soul. She is at the feet of her Lord, whole and happy and not hurting any more. But I miss her terribly. We made the trip to Pearsall to take her home for the final time...the third trip this year. Wow... It has been a sad year...

We took the boys to visit the Alamo and to see the movie at the IMAX while we were down that way. It was fun. "Davy Crockett" loved it of course! We are now the proud owners of two "toon skin hats" as little man calls them. His rarely leaves his little red head. :) Crazy kid.

Brian and I spent the weekend trying to catch up around the house and get back into a routine. That was harder than we imagined.

He worked on his bird house - it really looks nice. He is so proud. He gets the boys helping him. It should be up soon. We took down the old falling apart ones a few months back to put up my clothes line...Granny's clothes line...

Big praise today - I completed my first teaching class - schools and society. My semester is over on the 31st so it is just in time. Whew! I have completed 25 CU's over the past 6 months - 8 classes so far. I hope to get done with everything I need to begin my student teaching next fall. Although that poses a whole new set of issues. Like where the boys will go during that time. I have checked into many schools in the area. I think we are going to try to get them in at one of the local Christian schools. I have heard such great things about it and the tuition is not out of sight. The classes are small - 12 max. I like that. And they can attend at the same school. I have to sign them up in Feb. Open enrollment begins March 1 - Pray we get a spot for each of them.

Well, all for now I suppose...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Well my Bug is officially 5 now...can you believe that! We went to eat last night and he got to open his present (the blue ninja turtle) that he has been wanting - Kaden was so excited for him. LOL. Then we went to blockbuster and rented a video game - which he got to play with Daddy until waaaayyyy past bedtime...LOL. He loved it though. He picked the Incredibles...which is based on the movie. If you've seen the incredibles at the end the Underminer comes up and says - "Behold the Underminer" - well that is where the game picks up. So Mr. Incredible and Frozone have to save the world. It's pretty cool actually! We slept late this morning and are just really moving around. I am now officially enrolled in another course - schools and society. I am one class over have way finished with my degree now. 21 complete out of 40 - WooHoo!!! I have 6 weeks to complete this one. Schools and Society. So pray it all goes smoothly! Natasha's youngest is out of the hospital - asthma troubles. Home with lots of meds....pray his lungs will heal quickly. All for to all...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Memaw Dottie says...

Congrats on the math. Big one-YEA. Well, we weathered the storm well. The soft wind was nice, and the slow rain was wonderful. Then it stopped. Later in the night we got more rain. About 2-21/2 inches. We needed it. Other than that I am still trying to get rid of things we no longer need are use. Tom was not able to turn wells back on yet, for the lines are full. Down time, he cleans up! Well I have to go and get his evening meal ready. Love memaw
Whew...what a day. It is the last day my Bug is 4 and I hate to say, but I am glad it is coming to a close. The boys are sleeping, my work is almost complete...I am headed to a hot bath and my It has been a long day. The boys and I headed to the old school to drop off some books Mr. M wanted to borrow and have lunch. The boys were able to work in the classes with the kids and they had fun. But boy is it a looooong way over there. 1 1/2 hours! ugh! We did get to stop and see Granny while we were up there though, so that was good. She is doing better and was talking some. When we got home they were both tired and grouchy...bug fell asleep on the way home and that wasn't good. But we ate a quick dinner...played a little and headed to the bath. Which went sour quickly... So toothbrushing, a book and lights out were quick tonight. They went to sleep and I cleaned up the kitchen and readied our stuff for tomorrow. Whew...I am tired now, so off I go to my tub and my book....gonna kiss my 4 year old on the way...5 time does to all.

Oh, I have student fair tickets if anyone wants any - the fair starts Sept. 26th and these tickets are good for any weekday for students. If you want some, let me know - I have plenty!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Well what a day! Our director at First Steps came down with the stomach virus that is going around, so she was home sick today. But school went really well! I have to say my Ladybugs are truly the best class. They are so mild mannered and good kids. Our class motto is "When you listen you learn" and they are really learning!!! :) On the way home I had a blow out in the truck. Yeah! I was just down the road from our house - thank goodness. A neighbor helped me to change it because I had no idea how to make the spare come down. LOL!

We have tadpoles...we got them from Brian's dads house. I have been changing out water every other day for over a week now and I am done with that! LOL I went and picked up a filter at wal-mart and cleared up that problem. I had to put them in a bigger tub, but they are looking great! We also have a preying mantis now - Kutter and I caught it this afternoon. It is in a gallon jar with a branch and some spiders and bugs we caught. We are becoming a regular zoo!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh - I forgot to mention



I am sooooo done with Math!

Hello all...well another busy week is here - does life ever slow down? LOL

The boys and I had fun at coop today - Kaden played with his friends in Ms. Marci and Ms. Larissa's class and enjoyed the nice weather on the playground. Kutter's class worked on their letter books and the calendar. During PE we played kickball - that is interesting...most of them don't really get the concept yet, so it is mostly the adults cheer them on with exact instructions. LOL. Kutter got two people out though and would have had a third if I hadn't redirected him. (The little boy is soooo little and wanted to get to base so badly and Kutter had already gotten him out once.) During art they talked about hieroglyphics and cartouche (I think I spelled that right). It was part of the Egyptian culture stuff. It was fun though.

We are heading into town to do a mystery shop at Target in a bit and then head up to FBC to set up for school tomorrow. I am also beginning a ladies bible study on Monday's at FBC so we will stay for that. We are going to do the book Captivating by Stacy Eldridge. I think that is her name, I have to pick up my book from mom so I am not exact on that. I have read the book before - we discussed it at MOM's group a few years back. For all you ladies out there and young ladies it is awesome!!!!

Well that is all the news for now...I will end with a favorite verse...

16 Come and listen, all you who fear God,
and I will tell you what he did for me.
17 For I cried out to him for help,
praising him as I spoke.
18 If I had not confessed the sin in my heart,
the Lord would not have listened.
19 But God did listen!
He paid attention to my prayer.
20 Praise God, who did not ignore my prayer
or withdraw his unfailing love from me.

Love to all...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Well, school is here again. LOL

The boys and I started Tues/Thur school last week - it is going well. I am teaching 3's this year. Bug is in the Pre-K room with Ms. Erika and Little Bubba is in the 2's room with Ms. Betty and Ms. Terri.

My class is called the Ladybugs and I have to say that I have the class of the year. They are so good and so calm and just a great group of kids. They work well, listen most of the time and NAP so well!!!!! I love it! I have a couple that try my patience from time to time, but I have noticed that they are getting better and it has only been 3 days. Woo-Hoo. I suppose the Lord decided I needed a break for a while. LOL.

The boys and I started Homeschool coop this week (just one day a week). Bug is in the PreK class with Ms. Linda and I help out in there. Kaden goes into the nursery this year, next year he will be able to attend classes. We had great fun this week. They do a circle time with the calendar, counting, etc. and we do a letter of the week and are making a letter book. We are also studying cultures - Egypt right now and do art. The kids made Egyptian jewelry this week. How cool!

Our homeschooling has started as well. We have been doing a little here and there over the summer, but with all the craziness - we didn't accomplish much. The boys and I worked hard this morning and they did well. I am working on the Kindergarten skills with Bug and little bubba is tagging along. I am able to get him to work on his own works as well and he is fine tuning some vocabulary, colors, shapes, etc. Not that he needs more words...goodness that boy has plenty on his own. LOL

Well we are planning for Bug's birthday next week - can you believe it - the big 5 already here. LOL We will be going to the beach to celebrate - how fun! We are also planning a "friend" party at the park here in Waxahachie. With cake and a pinata...that will be fun!

I submitted my last math task today - I am hoping I got it this time! Pray for a passing score! LOL If so I am finished with Math - hopefully forever! I have began working on one of my teaching courses - Schools and Society, but am not officially enrolled just yet.

Well, all for now...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I PASSED!!!! Woo-Hoo! I passed my Math 2 test! Yeah! I am so excited. One math class behind me. I have one more assignment to get passed for Math 1 and I will be done with that one too! Yeah! No more math for me. On to my education courses - the fun stuff! Woo-Hoo!

Today is Braden's Birthday - Happy Birthday Kiddo.

Today was another busy day - I had training for MDO and the boys played with all the kids in the nursery. We had CPS training today about child abuse and what to look for, report, etc.


It seems that Granny is doing alright...she has been resting I hear, but is still fighting the C Dif infection. Keep praying.

Well all for now...back to to all.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Well it has been a while I know life gets crazy and years fly by! LOL

It's August and the weather is rather cool on some days and we have had a lot of rain within the past few weeks...crazy this time of year. Today God graced with a beautiful day...sunshine and warm...rather warm...but not the 106 we have had. LOL

We started orientation at First Steps Preschool (MDO) today. The boys went with me and played with the other kids while I was in training.

My baby will be turning 5 in a few weeks...can you believe that? Wow....I think I am getting old.

The little guy is in the middle of potty training...he is really doing quite well. Not nearly as hard as the first one...he initiated it on his own several weeks ago and just took off with it. No more diapers during the day. He refuses to wear them. LOL But that is okay with me!!!

Brian is working on his second tv show and enjoying every minute. :)

I am currently teaching the boys at home - Kinder and PreK as well as teaching 3 year olds at MDO and attending college again. I am determined to finish my teaching degree!!! I am currently working on 2 math courses. I took a math test today. If I pass it I am done with one class. Woo-Hoo! I have one more assignment in the other class. I am waiting for the graders to get back to me on that one....ugh! I feel good about my test - it seemed to come to me well, there was a few questions that I said - huh? But for the most part, I believe I did well. Pray for me!

God has been good to us lately...taking care of us and providing. Taking care of us every day...

Praises - this beautiful day!

Prayer Requests - Granny - she is still in the hospital dealing with that C-Dif infection. Although it looks like she won't be going anywhere until she is over it. Thank goodness. I am afraid of her going to the nursing home while she is still fighting this stuff. Pray also for the boys and I that we will be able to get into a steady routine for the school year. We have a lot to accomplish over the past few months. Patience and diligence are a must. I know God will give them to me.