Monday, September 05, 2011

We've been delivered from the firey pits of Texas Heat!

Oh my goodness can you believe this awesome weather!!!!  Oh my!  It was 69 degrees when I got up this morning!  Yeah!  We've been delivered from the firey pits of Summer in Texas!  I just pray that it stays!  

Not to much going on the past few days...been kinda quiet and just enjoying time with the family and the breezes (ummm...wind!).  LOL

I have been working more on the classroom and getting things ready for school to start.  I have also been working in the kitchen some...oh my the goods that come from having a book on tape to listen too!  LOL 

I think I've figured out what it is.  I LOVE to read...I mean really really really LoVe to read.  I usually stay up an extra two to three hours at night just to read.  During the day I don't read much because I feel like I am taking away from my family or time I should spend with the boys, or chores that need to be done...and the list goes on.  I am sure you can relate.  So I end up staying up till all hours of the night reading.  LOL  I am currently reading the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye - boy is it good.  I am about 1/2 way through Armageddon right now.  So the books on tape from the library help to satisfy the need to read!  I put on a tape whenever I am doing chores, cooking, cleaning, whatever.  I find that Bug likes them too.  I usually have one in the car and he will often ask me to turn it on!  :)  So far the library has afforded me a good selection of inspirational and Christian fiction books - those are my favorite these days.  Thank goodness Hubby has a library card to the Dallas Public Library - cause when I run out here in town I have a back up! 

This weekend I did some baking.  While listening to a "Come Spring" by Tim LaHaye I baked some brickle drop cookies (eye rolling good) and popped some Fresh (From The Freezer) pumpkin muffins in to bake - yummy!  I also mixed up some sugar cookies and put them in the freezer to bake later.  I made a roast this weekend too...but I didn't do much there just threw it in my old trusty crock-pot with some carrots and onion!  I put the other half of that big ol' roast (that I got with an ad match!!!) in the freezer with carrots and onion - yeah for the foodsaver!  

I got up the bulletin board in our classroom yesterday as well.  I used a dark green background with a border that has green leaves and ladybugs, worms, bees and dragonflies.  I still have to head to the library to cut some letters for it.  I am not sure what to put on it.  Perhaps "Our Good Work" or something...I gotta think about it a bit more...any ideas? 
Our new bulletin board!
 I also got the chore charts all put together, along with the reward chart.  It all hangs together in the living/dining room.  Last night at bedtime the boys and I went over it (again) and talked about the chores and how to use it and what to do and all that stuff.  I think it's gonna be a good system for us.  This morning Red woke me up at 8 am - which is early at our house - asking me where his chart with the "I did it" box was.  He said I can't remember and I already brushed my teeth.  LOL - One of their morning chores is to brush their teeth (which I am glad to have because I get tired of saying "Brush your teeth", "Did you brush your teeth?", "Are your teeth brushed?" all the time.  Now the responsibility is on them.  For each chore completed they earn a token which they can cash in for various "rewards".  We talked about the rewards and how to earn them in detail last night.  I asked the "What are you working for" ('cuz it's always good to be prepared, right?"  Well Bug decided he was working on getting a new hot wheel and playing with shaving cream.  Red decided he wanted to get a pack of gum, a new hot wheel and a one on one lunch date.  :) 
The New Chore System!
Well that is my quick to work on my chores...the boys are outside enjoying the 70's!  LOL  Until later my one another!  we-

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