Thursday, September 29, 2011

Girls in Action!

Woo-Hoo! LOL - We've had three meetings so far and let me tell you it just gets better and better. I love working with these girls! They are just such a blessing!!!

We decorated leaves with pretty rhinestones and had a great discussion about how every one of us is unique...just like the leaves we created!
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I put up a new bulletin board at church for GA's.

What a blessing these girls are to me! This Sunday we are going to be handing out "holiday helper" bags to the church-goers! During the month of October the children's ministry (along with the GA's) will be collecting non-perishable food goods for needy families. The girls are working on their World Hunger badges. They will participate in various activities like handing out bags, decorating basket tags, sorting the food items, and packing the baskets. We had a discussion about World Hunger that included visuals this last Tuesday night. I showed the girls what one cup of plain cooked rice looks like, they got to taste the rice while we brainstormed ideas of how to help the hungry. The girls were very insightful and I was impressed with the ideas they came up with. I love these girls!

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