Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I almost forgot the geocaching! LOL - while we were junkin' in Sand Flat, Texas we stopped at the local cemetery to find the cache stash! LOL We had lunch at the local cafe - yum-o! I think it's called Ella's - if you are ever out 916 in Sand Flat - you can't miss it. I mean seriously it's the only thing around! Right next to the general store - great food! Anyway we stopped to grab some lunch there on Saturday and decided to cross over to the cemetery and find a cache. Love the app for iphone! Bug had us headed in the wrong direction, but we got him turned around and headed to the other
corner. LOL This one took a little digging as the fallen leaves had it well concealed. Let me just tell you if you hunt for this one be prepared to look long and low, but the treasure is there to be found! Momma grabbed this one, but the boys were quick to dig through it's treasures!

Well our "I did it!" chore charts are working out very well. I have to say that I am quite pleased with efforts of the boys to earn tokens. Red is especially excited to "see how much he earned" each evening! Yeah! Bug was the first to cash in some tokens to get a "reward" from the list. He cashed in 50 tokens to play in shave cream. I was surprised that this way his first choice, but hey whatever gets the shoes put away, right? LOL He was very excited. Bug is my artist at heart and doesn't mind getting his hands sticky, dirty, get the idea. I put this "reward" on there with him in mind. He counted out 50 tokens while I gather his supplies.

I gave him a placemat - but I figured it would end up all over the table without a doubt! LOL - thank goodness it's covered. :)

The joys of childhood...

A volcano!

I remembered a recipe for "puff-paint" and decided to let him try that out when he finished playing.

He decided he wanted purple so we added some food color and some glue to give the shave cream some stability.

Mix, Mix, Mix - with a spatula so as to NOT dye his hands! LOL

After it was mixed he used his hands and the spatula to play with it on paper. When it dries it has a "puffy" or raised appearance. Very cool!

My Bug-a-roni turns 8! Can you believe that! 8! Oh my goodness where has time gone? Bug decided he wanted to go to Fire Mountain (his fav!) after church so we took a present for him to open while he was there. Let me tell you he was excited! LOL He scarfed down his food quickly so he could open his presents!

Yes, that is a plate of black-eyed peas. Bug loves them, he was letting them "cool" while he opened his presents! I know - gross - dirt on a plate, but he loves them - just like his daddy! ;)

And he MP3 player...boy oh boy was he excited! I put a case in there for him so he can "carry" it easier. Oh man the smile was ear to ear!

That evening the party went on!

Bug got a blue dog pillow pet from Daddy and I. He also got a bucket of army men (with big and small guys - that was the big deal) from Red. Red also found him a huge Odie - it's a pillow like thing and Bug just loves it!

When we talked about what sort of cake he wanted, Bug told me he waned a blue cake with camo icing. Okay...ummm, why did I ask? LOL

But it turned out to be not so difficult. I just dyed the white cake mix blue and then the icing I did in 4 shades of blue/green for the camo. Bug was very impressed so that's all that matters to me! LOL

It was a great evening of fun with family and wrestling! Bug's birthday just happened to be WWE's pay-per-view Night of Champions. Of course we had to get if for Bug - he was absolutely beside himself when he found out we'd be watching! LOL - it was one of those priceless moments!

I can't believe my Bug is 8 - where did time go? He is such a blessing...

Okay well I had better sign this update off so I can move on...I can do this, I can do this, I can do Until later, we-

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