Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Oh my what a busy week we've been having! LOL - Not that it's ever really slow around here.

I am in prep Prep PREP mode!!! I am finishing up various projects and trying to get all my ducks and chicks and dinosaurs in a row. Whew, I am almost done!!! Well probably not really because I have a 1000 other projects floating around up there...and that pininterest site...oh my goodness! I love it, and I hate it! AUGH! Anyway back on track Wendy! We start school on the 19th so I am determined to be set up and ready to roll for several weeks before I have to do any more planning and such...we'll see how that works out. Plus we start ECCHO classes this week so I have been finalizing plans and getting things ready for that. And GA's started this week so I have been busy with that...not to mention swim team practice, praying, choir, wildfires, hubby's brakes, ad pick up, praying, wildfires, enjoying the cooler weather...oh does the list ever end!

Oh my goodness, the book just mentioned the drip drip drip of the last drops of fresh brewed coffee hitting the I want a cup of steaming fresh brewed coffee. No Wendy it's 12:11 am - just keep typing!

Check out my cool new phone...I am so excited about it. Although I don't know how to use all the features yet...but oh well I am at least in this century now - so baby steps people baby steps! I am thinking of getting a data plan...thinking...not certain yet. It even came with a microphone - what is that for?

Check out the Tag Team Duo...they conquered the fort. Don't they just crack you up. Look at scamp with his sad pitiful eyes. Sadie's n guard it seems...waiting for outlaws!

Bug took these two pics...he did a pretty good job I do think! Sadie looks a little worried about getting down via the slide. (Not to worry - she is hilarious but she actually slides right down!) LOL

Crazy Bassett Hounds...I love those dogs!

I made chicken pot pies earlier this week. I used some of my crock pot chicken and potatoes. I even made the pie crust...although it was a little hard to work with - I do hope it tastes good!

Here they are all ready to go in the freezer. I plan to pull these out for dinner one day next week. Yum!

So by now you all have heard of my obsession with books on tape...oh how I love them. Well it is quite sad these cd play pooped out on me! What is up with that??? And the day after I went to the library and picked up four more books...all on CD this time! UGH! Even more maddening is the fact that we just bought it last year - it has a tape and cd player and I
bought if for school. So I went a snagged Bug's ancient CD walk-man thingy - well it apparently has pooped out too! What is up with electronics at our house these days! So I ended up dragging the laptop into the kitchen and hooking up the Pringles Speaker Can. Yep I said Pringles Speaker Can! Are you cracking up yet...I admit I am! I do every time I think of it! This is another one of my freebies...but certainly a good one! I got it free when I bought 4 cans of Pringles. It really works good too so it was a great deal! LOL It's a good thing Bug's birthday is next week. He's getting an MP3 player for his birthday.
(Don't tell!) He will be so excited! Since his CD player pooped out - he's been "music-less" much more than he likes to be. LOL That kid loves music. So I loaded his MP3 player up with a ton of songs that he loves...he can hook it up to headphones or his "speaker can". Oh how happy he will be! We have another larger CD/Tape/Radio boom box thing that Hubby usually keeps out in his workshop for when he's out there. But I was too chicken to walk out there to get it because it was already late. So the laptop had to do...maybe I need an MP3 player...

Today I made some Chicken and Rice for dinner and put some up in the freezer for another day. also packed away two more bags of cooked chicken for casseroles or soup. Yeah!!!

The compasses came in the mail Tuesday! Yeah! In the camp craft class that Hubby and I will be leading at ECCHO we will be talking about compasses, the parts of the compass, how to read and use a compass and such. Should be fun!

Planning planning planning! Our first class (this Friday) will cover simple first aid. We will be looking at a first aid kit in detail - what should go in one, why, what it's for, etc. Plus the kids will get to pack a "mini" kit with a few basic supplies. I thought this would be something to get them started at home on their own first aid kit.

Oh my goodness what is going on with my school room table...AHHHH! Stuff everywhere...of course this is what happens when I am in the depth of planning. :)

I also got the rope all cut for camp crafts class. We are going to learn about some basic knots - how to tie them, what they are used for, etc. Should be fun. I wonder how many parents will come back the next week with stories of siblings tied to bed posts, chairs and trees! LOL

I am getting the supplies all together for the "mini first aid bags". Q-tips, band-aids, soap, baggies...I gotta grab the cotton balls and some safety pins tomorrow.

I have started packing up my ECCHO bag for Friday...Got my box tops and Campbell labels for education in well as a camp craft class book; Bug's chemistry folder and goggles, home school planner, extra coupons and few items to return to's pretty full already i hope I don't find something else to shove in there!

Here is our "card box" - a little updated. It still has stickers, words, blank cards to
decorate, stamps and letter stickers, but I added a stack of envelopes and an index card box of address of friends and family. One of the extra chore cards on the boys chore chart is to write a letter. They can earn and extra token this way. What a motivator that little token is because over the past few days they've written to Memaw, Papa, Mimi Net and Cousin Davin. I think this will be a fun bucket...they seem very excited about it. I also think that the box of address cards will be a great motivator to learn how to address and envelope! Yeah!!!

Well this week was the first meeting of the Girls in Action group (GA's) at Cowboy Church of Ellis County! What a great time I had with all those eager, sweet smiling girls! The theme this year is "Game On" so we made ourselves a team poster. Woo-Hoo! I think this year is going to be great! Sixteen girls came on the first night - can you believe that! Sixteen!!! We are already planning our first mission project. I think it's going to be a blast!

Well here it is almost 1am - I had better sign off for now and head to bed. It's MOW day tomorrow and there's errands and swim team practice before the day is through! Whew...LOL

Until next at those around you and remember who your Light is...we-

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