Thursday, September 01, 2011

Can you believe September is already here! I can't say in words how happy that makes me!!! I know pretty soon the days will be cooler and the leaves will change and the heat will be gone...until next summer that is! Woolly socks here we come! :)

Do you remember a few posts back I had talked about how I changed our Meals on Wheels day to Thursday - on purpose - so I would have less days of leaving the house. Well, first I have to say that I LOVE that part...but for some reason I am having a terrible time getting it together and out the door with everyone and everything I need on Thursday mornings! What is that???? LOL I blame old age setting in...

Last night I actually had the kids in bed, lights out and sleeping by 9:30 pm! Well that is a record around here these days! LOL So I thought, well they will be up and about Thursday morning, we will grab out nifty egg Jo-muffins and out the door we will head...or so I thought! I had it all planned out right - I had even loaded up my stuff to drop a the resale shop Wednesday good am I? Well anyway, my well planned morning didn't happen as expected. I think it started falling apart around 5 am...I know a terrible uncouth that is best spent sleeping...under covers with your favorite pillow. Not in the plans for me I suppose. First Hubby ended up working late...way late and got home at that terrible hour. For some reason even though he was very quiet it seemed to wake the entire house. He crawls into bed and some 45 seconds later Bug is trampling through our bedroom door to the bathroom then back to crawl in next to me. I am thinking to myself...okay whatever just let me get more sleep. So about three minutes later Hubby is just on the verge of falling asleep and I am right there with him, Bug says I think Red is hollering. Apparently Hubby was just awake enough to register the words Red and hollering because he literally leaped out of bed and torn out of the room. So actually if he Red had been sleeping - that was shot with all the racket Daddy made. LOL - so now we have two kids thinking they are going to sleep in our one No, we out grew that many moons ago. So I grab my favorite pillow and Red and we head to his room. At this point I am just saying "Please let's just go back to sleep!" LOL By this time it's 5:30 am - another terrible hour of the day. So I am laying in the boys room and can't go back to sleep! What??? I will not function on four hours of sleep so I will my eyes to close and the dreams to start. Apparently I am not a very good "willer" because I laid there a for quite a while before it worked. LOL

So when the alarm went off this morning I headed to the shower and coffee pot with less than a hop in my step! The boys seemed to be dragging more than I and Red was dead to the world, so I ended up heading into town by myself. I dropped my stuff at the resale shop (did some quick shopping) and then headed over the library to turn in a few books and grab a couple more books on tape. My next stop was MOW to pick up the meals. The van was still unloading so I gather my ice chests and holiday bag and out the door I went. It was good to visit with my MOW friends...I just love them. I have a new client at the apartments to visit now - she seems like a sweet, sweet woman! After I dropped off the chests, I headed down to wal-mart to look for cloth in the sewing dept. I got some pretty green cloth to use as a bulletin board background. I am excited. I have a nice "ladybug" border I plan to use with it. Yeah! Then I headed home to Hubby and the bubbas, so he could get to work. He left a little early so he could grab some milk at Aldi's before he went in. Yeah for great prices on milk!

I had plans this afternoon to work a bit in the classroom before we went to swim team practice. Since our day had already gotten all turned around I figured it was a good day to just get more done in there. But first I had to change the sheets on the boys beds. Well let me just ask you ever enter a kid's room to do one specific thing - for example - change the sheets - and it turn into a major cleaning fiasco? Well that's what happened to me! I believe they have the secret formula for growing dirt in their room. It seems no matter how many times I sweet there is always a TON of dirt on the floor. What is that? But I will say after I got done in there the room looked AwEsOmE! if they can just keep it that way! LOL

Swim team practice was fun - Bug is doing so well. He seems to be really enjoying it and I love seeing the improvements he is making!

When we got home the boys and I had a "poop pick-up" contest...LOL - I know it's a little gross and funny, but hey it's got to be done! So we pulled out the buckets and shovels and picked up about a 1000 pieces of poop! Probably not actually that many but close! LOL - it's been a week or so since it's been done...poop neglect. Our hounds are pooping machines! But the backyard looked nice when we got done! Yeah!

When we came inside we all showered and bathed and got some dinner. We just did leftovers tonight because honestly I was too lazy to get in there and whip something up! LOL - Hubby doesn't need lunch tomorrow so I was off the hook. I am terrible I know...

After dinner I messed around on the computer a bit and listened to a book on tape while the boys played. Then we read some books and lights were out and kids sleeping before 10 pm. Woo-Hoo! I headed to the kitchen to wash up the dishes and thought - I should make some more of those muffins with those ripe bananas. I can't seem to keep bananas more than a day or two around here. I guess it's the heat. I have tried buying green ones, refrigerating them, putting them in the dark...nothing seems to work. So we usually eat a few and cook with the rest. Red loves banana muffins so it works out well.

As I was digging out my recipe, I came across the giant breakfast cookie recipe (so yummy) so I figured I would make some more of those too. Then I saw a pancake recipe and thought - oh I should make pancakes with banana. And I was reading about freezing and "toasting" the pancakes for later meals...yeah!

FYI - here's what happens when I melt butter...oh well it gave me an excuse to scrub out the microwave...that's blessing, right? ;)

I started with the banana pancakes...Here is the yummy scrummy banana infused pancake batter!

I started with a basic pancake batter (with almond milk) then squashed two bananas and mixed that in.

I decided to make big pancakes instead of our usual "tiny" pancakes because I will be "toasting" them later on.

Here are my finished pancakes! Yeah...they look delish and smell so good! I saved out some for the boys for breakfast.

And the rest I tucked (with wax paper between) in the freezer for later! Yeah!

Next was the Fresh (From the Freezer) Muffins - banana tonight. I decided to make some mini muffins too. Aren't they so cute??? They took a few minutes less cooking time so I diligently watched them. It was funny because the hound dogs perched themselves right in front of the table that holds the oven and sat there. Each time I came out to the oven they looked expectantly at me. LOL - I guess they have figured out where their yummy puppy treats come from! LOL

I also made some big ones!

The next project was some more Giant Breakfast Cookies. The boys really liked these and I think they are a little better for them than other cookies that have more sugar. So I keep them in the cookie jar - they are not just for breakfast! LOL

It was beginning to get late (or later) so I decided to just make a bar cookie instead of several individual pans.

Just out of the oven...golden brown and piping hot!

Before I headed to bed to blog and read and threw a package of chicken breasts in the oven with some water and bouillon. I want to try a Chicken Pot Pie recipe, but it called for boiling the chicken...I figured slow cooking would given it more flavor...more to come about the pies!

Well that is it for tonight...what a day! LOL Until next time America...or kind to your loved ones and remember God lent them to you! Wendy

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