Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So this should actually go on the "First week of school review" but I didn't upload this before I posted or something...who knows?

Memaw and Papa stopped by on their way home from Arkansas. The boys were so excited to see them pull into the drive. Red came in and said, "Momma there's a bus in the yard!" I told him it was okay - it was Memaw and Papa. I don't think he believed me at first. LOL

We had a great evening sitting out by the camper (like we were out in the woods) grilling hotdogs and enjoying the evening. Good times...

And the boys were excited because we took the next morning off use even trying to real them in when Memaw and Papa are here to play right? LOL We had Meals on Wheels to deliver anyway so we just hung out and chatted with Memaw and Papa before they headed out.

These are from the second Girls in Action meeting. It went so well. We had another good turn out and a few new girls came - that's always exciting. We decided to decorate posters for the Sunday school classes. The girls "worked as a team" to decorate the posters with stencils, markers, and lots of items from the "glue-it" box.

I think the girls were very impressed with my "glue-it" stash. I have a small drawer filled with odds and ends stuff that we use for collage making and decorating in the classroom. Well I had grabbed a few handfuls for the girls to use that night in the poster decorating. It was so funny to see their faces as they dug through that pile of "junk". Funny! I lost count of how many times I heard - this is so cool! LOL

Antique Alley was a couple of weekends ago...we absolutely love Antique Alley. It's a family tradition that's for sure! We go twice a year without fail and just have a ball!

You can see Daddy is ready - iphone (can't leave home without it); roll of quarters and his little pencil pouch to hold his $$. Oh and don't forget the homemade English Muffin Sandwich (freezer cooking - yippee!)

And you can see the trunk is all cleaned out. Except for the emergency box which holds the first aid kit, jumper cables, some reusable bags and a I had put a few sweatshirts in there b/c last junkin' trip we ended up freezing! LOL

Oh and don't forget the Christmas CD - notice I hide it in the trunk until December?!?!?!

No I didn't vacuum - why bother when my rock hound is just going to load me down with more rocks that carry more dirt and dust into the car. Vacuuming can wait! LOL Oh and I did pack a small cooler with drinks and a few extra snacks!

Here is a few of my finds...I got a new purse...isn't it all fancy and everything! $4 - can you believe that. It's like brand-new! Love it!

Bug was very excited about this find - a tumbler car for $5 - he loves these things. He tends to be very hard on them though. :(

Go ahead and laugh - but I am going to admit I was very very excited about this find! I got all of this (brand-new) tissue paper for a $.25! Can you believe that! I was on the hunt for tissue paper too because I knew we had a few upcoming art projects that require it. I have some at the house, but not much and mostly white. Great find for me!!!!

Another cool find! Beads! I thought I could use these for my Girls in Action group! Can't beat all of these for $1! Woo-Hoo!!!!

This was a neat-o find. These little plastic figures are all presidents. Kinda unique! I haven't seen anything like this before - thought it was cool. Not sure what I plan to do with them yet - but hey we home school - what are the odds we won't study presidents! LOL

Another good find! I got some foam for the grave site flowers! Very exciting - it's brand new and only $.25 - the kicker is she gave me another one that was opened (about 2/3 there) for free! Woo-Hoo!

Oh another cool find - I got a brand new pack of 100 index cards (yeah - I use these for Red's reading); a box of envelopes (maybe a few missing) and a box of craft sticks (about 1/2 full) for - get this - $1.00! Yep I said $1.00! Can you believe that! What a deal!!!

We got more treasures that I didn't get pics of - but lets just say that we had a ball...made lots of good memories spending time together as a family and enjoyed a great weekend.

Until April when the junkin' is on again....

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