Sunday, September 11, 2011

Here it is 10 years later...where were you?

I was driving to work, actually I was sitting at the light at beltline and brand in Garland, Texas - just down from our apartment - headed to NGMS just a few miles away. The radio announcer started screaming "A plane just crashed into the tower"; I remember calling Brian and saying turn on the TV right now. I also remember hearing that day that they had "interviewed" Osama Bin Laden and he checked out...hmmm.

I think back and I remember getting to work and being scared and parents picking up their kids from school and panic rising quickly to the surface.

I think now and I wonder if that day will ever fade and I know it won't. Last night Hubby and I were chatting and I said, You know that day will forever be branded into my mind...I will always remember where I was and what I was doing at that time, but the boys - well it's just another day. Sure they will read about it, learn about it, come to understand what it was. But it will be a totally different experience for them. Amazing...

I am thankful for the men and women that serve our and women that risk and sometimes give their lives for my freedom. I pray they are safe and well and they get to come home very soon. And I thank you for your does not go unnoticed.

If you know of a soldier(s) send their name, address and info my way. Our church, Cowboy Church of Ellis County, has a ministry called Hearts for Hero's.

Yesterday was a busy and expensive Hubby had to get his brakes changed out this week, well it turned out to be the back (not the front as we thought) and not just the brakes - yuck! We are so thankful that we have an awesome mechanic (friend) that we can trust to do the job right. So Hubby had to run into town and get more parts/order a part, etc.

While he was in town he also picked up some super glue for the model that Bug had bought at a garage sale Friday afternoon. He was so excited - he's never put together a model like this before.

I asked Bug to take a picture of his car - well he took "a few" instead. LOL - let's just say he was quite proud of what he and his daddy accomplished.

The doors open.

Another view...

And the hood opens...he is so excited. It's pretty cool I must admit.

Yesterday afternoon I went outside to cut back this hack berry tree that has been growing at the edge of our deck. I have cut this thing back half a dozen times since we moved in, but I had let it get really big this time and it was bugging me. It's very annoying and our sewer tanks are located around there so we thought we had better get rid of it once and for all. After trimming all the limbs off of it, Hubby brought his truck to the back yard (to the delight of the three little boys running around back there) and hooked a chain to the stump.

While Daddy was hooking up the chain, Sadie was checking out the truck!

The stump has literally grown up the side of the deck, so we had to force it down in between so he could tie it on.

Scamp decided he better check it out too.


POP! Look at the root on this thing - oh my goodness!

Ummmm, Redneck trampoline...

A close-up of the monster root!

But we weren't done, the monster root had actually broken off of another root, so Hubby had to back up and hook the chain to that piece as well. Well Sadie decided that was her cue to take a ride. I am guessing Uncle Mike took her riding sometimes in his truck, because she was very intrigued. She was whining and sniffy and finally hopped her little short legs right up there.

I think she was looking to see if the coast was clear.

Up! Up!

And in!

What? Am I not supposed to be in here? Oh, I thought I saw my name on this seat. Come on Dad let's go!

Here is the second root - what a monster!

I don't think Lady was too happy about having hound dog in her truck.

Scamper decided to join the fun, but his little short legs were too short, so Dad gave him a boost. Notice Sadie didn't give up her seat! LOL

Riding in the truck!

You coming Dad? Come on let's roll!

One more root to go...

POP! It's out - well the bulk of it is...a root stayed in so we'll have to watch for it to grow back.

Sadie refuses to get out. She was so funny - Dad had to crawl into the truck and lift her out. She was not moving. Crazy girl. Then as he went through the gate she sat whining and watching like he'd abandoned her. It was funny. She apparently is a truck riding hound dog....I guess we'll have to take her riding soon.

Well that was our day...after the root excursion we sat on the swing rubbing hound with our feet and watching the boys play on the swings. Well that is until Scamp decided to sit on the swing with me. He wasn't happy just sitting beside me though - apparently my lap is more comfortable. Crazy dog - love him!

Well that's all for now...until next time my to all...hug your family today and tell them how much you love them...we-

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