Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I am behind on my updates! AUGH! LOL

The summer reading carnival was last Saturday at the library. Due to the CRAZY Texas heat it was postponed a month and I have to say I was glad. Saturday was nice and sunny but not 115! The boys has a blast using up the rest of their tickets. We went to the carnival store back in August and they both had picked out several things with to "buy" with their tickets.

Bug read 874 books this summer! He had A LOT of tickets to spend and even after the trip to the store the first time there was A LOT of tickets in the bag! LOL Red read 664 books and also had more tickets than he could "spend". LOL

We had cotton candy and popcorn and a snow cone of course! Yum!

Bug won an A&W root beer in the ring toss game (pictured above). He was so excited. That's his favorite soda!!! LOL

He also loved, loved, loved the bounce house slide. Boy oh boy if we had one of these I'd never see him. It was early and there wasn't many kids there yet so he went 5 times in a row! LOL

Red wasn't so into the games, he did a few but he didn't want people "looking at him" so he opted to spend his tickets at the store and donate some to his Bubba. What a sweet kid!

He was excited to see his name on the top reader board. He was the top reader in the 5 year old group. (Second year in a row!) Bug was disappointed that he didn't get the top reader spot. He tried so hard! I told him he'd tackle it next year! 1000 books here we come! LOL

Bug's other favorite game was the dunking booth. He hit the target twice. But the latch wouldn't give so she had him run up and push the button in. He loved the big splash! LOL

Okay one update done...check! LOL - Better get the kids ready for bed so perhaps I can update some more later tonight. Too much to do still - where did today go?


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