Friday, September 09, 2011

Well I really should be sleeping because I am tired, but for some reason blogging just seems more fun! LOL My Prep, Prep Preparation week has come to a close! LOL - I did get a lot done and am excited to say that we are ready for school to start on Monday! Well I amend that statement - I am ready for school to start on Monday! The boys maybe not so much...LOL

I went to the library Thursday morning before my MOW deliveries and did some cutting with the die cuts. I needed the saying for my class bb and I also needed some stuff for GA's.

Here is my bb all complete! Well except for that terrific work we'll be doing starting next week! Yeah!!!

I also made a sign for GA's. Our regular meeting room (starting this week) will be different from where we met last week so I thought this would help. Plus any new girls that come it will be a good road marker!

Well Bug's new swimsuit finally came in! It is a thermal suit that has the top/bottom connected. I had hoped it would help him stay warmer in the water. It didn't seem to help much. He was still freezing, but he stuck it out for about an hour. Mrs. Grace said he was doing wonderfully and really what do I do?

Another pic of Bug swimming like a fish!

The Tag Team Duo just cracks me any random time you can walk out into the back yard and see them perched on top of the picnic table...they crack me up!

Today was our first ECCHO class of the semester/new school year.

Bug is very excited about all his classes. He is taking Chemistry for kids and enjoyed looking at "atoms" and eating his research this morning! What a great class! His second class is Creative Hearts. It is an art class and he is so excited. You can see in this picture his art creation from today. They discussed "collage" and used various items to talk abut themselves. I can't wait to see what all he comes home with! 3rd period was a rainy day games class and he enjoyed this one quite a bit. I went to watch Red's class part of the time, but while I was in they were playing Head's Up 7 that game! Bug was very excited! After lunch Bug has his PE class.

Red has a free play class 1st period with his friend Will then he comes to Camp Crafts with Dad and I. We discussed first aid kits today - what should go in them, certain scenarios and such. It's a big class 27 kids, but they did well and participated and were lively! Then Red goes to PE right before Lunch.

Well I guess I should sign off my eyeballs are falling asleep..and look at that it's only 12:16am. LOL Until next time friends, pray hard for rain and those working to control the Texas Wildfires! we-

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