Sunday, September 11, 2011

So here is my finishing touches to the school room - we are ready - school starts tomorrow - I am excited, but nervous post. LOL

I did put the finishing touches on a few things in the classroom, reviewed tomorrows lessons, made sure I had everything I needed and such. I also got rid of the bag of junk I had cleaned out of the boys room last week. It needed to be further sorted and such so I got that done.

Check out the pillow I made. Yep - by hand - all by myself. Are you proud of me or what?

Well don't be - it's one of those flannel cases that sheets come in - I had kept it around thinking hmmm...maybe I will find a use for it. But it's just been floating around for I don't know a year or so. I was considering chucking it in the trash when I remembered a bag of fill that I had seen in the garage. So I stuffed the bag full of fill and zipped it up. Wah-lah! So technically I suppose it is hand-made. LOLOLOLOL I know I know it's a stretch, but hey for us "non-sewer" people we do what we can! LOL Although the boys were fighting over it tonight - so I guess I did something right! LOL

I finished coloring the ABC border for the room. Bug helped me color some of it and I hung it over the board.

Daddy made lunch today - thanks Daddy - we love you! So I decided to whip up some Puppy Treats (they were getting low in the puppy treat jar). LOL I made Peanut Butter Goodness treats for them this time.

I made these a little thicker than the last so they would be more "cookie like".

I cut them into frogs, cats and flowers. Although the cats looked more like scotty dogs, Daddy said. Bug thought that would be their favorite. LOL

I also did a little lesson prep that I hadn't finished yet. For Bug's science this year there is quite a few lessons that "suggest" drawing a diagram of something (the nervous system, the eye, etc) on the board for the student to label. Well I just admit it now. I am not an artist. I do not draw well and the thought of having to "whip something up" during or at the start of a lesson terrifies me. So I decided to draw the pictures out of small pieces of poster board. Then we can use post-it's to label. Pretty nifty, huh? That way I can draw it all ahead of time and even store it when finished for when Red gets to this level. I was pretty proud of myself when i came up with that idea! LOL

So our first lesson is on the central nervous system, so I drew the outline onto the board (in pencil first of course). I thought he was a little weird looking in the chest and his face isn't' quite right, but I figured for someone as artistically challenged as me it worked! LOL

Then I filled in the brain, spinal cord and nerves. So here is our first diagram - woo-hoo!

One of the other things I did today was go out to the garage and find a box for Bug's "treasures". I may be creating a monster but the mounds of "treasure" I find EVERYWHERE is driving me batty. I can't take having two of them in the house. LOL - Hubby is a "collector" of everything and my Bug is going to be just like his Daddy in that sense. I pray for his future wife already. LOL So I found a flat box to hold his junk that will fit under his bed. He was very excited about it. Which I suppose is a good thing. LOL

Well here it is - Rising Star Academy Room 1 ready for the first day of school (2011-2012). as I look at the pic the computer desk in the corner looks messy with that bulletin board over it. I am going to have to clean that up! LOL

Well, until tomorrow then...sweet dreams to all! we-

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