Friday, June 30, 2006

Oh, how glad I am that this week is over. The kids and I have been quite busy and it has really seemed to creep by. I didn't have them today, so the boys and I loaded up and headed to Waxahachie to see Memaw and Papa before they headed back to Giddings. Brian and Papa spent Thursday putting windows into the new school building down there. They put in 2 windows and a door on the playground side and Papa put in another window this morning on the backside.

Some stories from this week...lets see...oh I haven't blogged since Monday so I have lots to share...:)

Monday the kids and I went to McDonald's for lunch...the one in Richardson with the jungle scene and the huge blue slides. The kids had an absolute blast and played until they were all completely pooped! Tuesday we went for snow cones in the afternoon. That was a great experience. Kutter decided he wanted an icecream instead, so he got a scoop of strawberry on one of the those regular waffle cones. haha! It was great. He looked like the pink panther by the time he was finished. A regular cow licking on that thing. It was great. Kaden had a few very small bites of my "dreamsicle" snow cone. First snow cone experience. He seemed to enjoy it, but mostly wanted his crackers. Wednesday the kids and I went to "rumble in the jungle" at the Dallas Children's Museum. That was fun. We made all sorts of jungle animals and tribal masks. And we saw the Kritterman, David Klevin. He showed us the worlds smallest falcoln (which can be found in the congo and also Texas), a python, a cheetah turtle (or was it a leopard?), a legless lizard and a madagascar hissing cockroach. Which was extremely huge and quite gross looking. Max got to touch that one...oh no, bring on the handsanitizer! :) Then he brings out the true king of the jungle...the scairest animal in guessed it...a a hedgehog! haha! Who would have thought. Gabi got to go up and "roar" at this extremely cute but quite prickly animal. This animal apparently makes quite a statement with his spines. It has a really cute face though. On Thursday we were supposed to attend Brown Bag Book Club, but the boys decided they didn't want to go, so we skipped it...can't say I mind so much...I was exhausted by this point.

So that was our school week, of course today we went to Waxahachie...

Oh, here are some bug stories. Last night we went to Waxahachie and went to dinner in Maypearl with Mom and Dad, we are sitting at our table at the Busy Bee eating when the man and woman at the table behind us get up to leave, we lets just say this woman had a particularly large hind end. Well of course my 2 year old has to notice and says "Oh, look at her bigger butt." Of course he must repeat this a few times to make sure everyone has heard him. I was so embarrassed, I could have crawled under the table. The woman hopefully was out of earshot, but her husband was still at the table and I am sure he heard. Oh Lord. Now I know how Auntie felt during the "I like big boobs" phase Braden went through.

This morning on the way to Waxahachie I got stopped for speeding...did you know that 635 is only the 5 years I have lived here, I always thought it was 65. So of course I am driving along (in mom and dad's truck) going 70, thinking I am not speeding that much. But apparently Balch Springs top cop in the road with his radar gun thought otherwise as he stepped out and wave me over. So I stop, dig out the insurance and my license and turn to the drivers window to wait for him to appear. Well he goes to the passengers windw and scares me to death when he taps on the glass. So I unbuckle and crawl over all the junk in my front seat to get the door open. I give him my stuff and he asks me if I know why he stopped they teach this question in the academy? :) The he explains that 635 is only a 60 mile an hour my horror. I mention :) that my husband is a DPD officer and he asks me to slow down and tell him Balch Springs took care of me today...yes, I did it! I pulled the cop husband card. Well to continue with my story...yes it gets better. I take off again and hear this clink clink clang noise. Thinking I have a flat tire, I look in my rearview mirror and to my horror see s hubcab rolling in the opposite direction at top speed. (of course). It casually rolls to a stop forever behind me right in the middle of a on ramp. I am telling you if this had been my truck, I would have left it!!! But since it is mom and dads, I figured I had better get it. I look ahead and see the on ramp for 175, behind me is the on ramp for 635 and the hubcap. So I am thinking that I am going to have to leave my children ont he side of the road and trek back some 80 miles to get this dumb hubcap. But when looking in the side mirror, to my horror no doubt, here comes the officer with the hubcap. Once again I unlock the door and he hands it to me with a "Have a nice day ma'am. I was so embarrassed. It was really great...let me tell you.

One more before I fall asleep in this chair. Tonight Kutter, Kaden and I stopped at wal-mart for a dog chain. On the way home Kutter asked me over and over where sally the blue car was at. Finally when he asked again, I said Okay, Kutter can you hear me...(yes)...are you listening...(yes)...Sally the blue car is in the Thomas the train bag and I can't get it when I am driving. So, you will have to wait until we get to the house for us to get it out of the bag. Did you hear what I said...(yes). Then he pops out with "Mommy why are you being ugly to me?" haha! I about died. When I explained that I wasn't being ugly, I was just trying to explain myself and answer his question. He said no, you are being ugly to me. Can you believe that...that boy is a mess. Of course, how many times a day does he hear...don't be ugly to _____. :)

Well, I ma gone for now...take care and love one another...we-

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