Thursday, June 15, 2006

Another great day for the bunch at Montessori Home School. The kids and I visited Heritage Farmstead Museum in Plano for the Brown Bag Book Thursday. It was a blast. Ms. Mary our "reading" lady was great in her vintage plantation dress. She was so sweet and really excited to have us all there. There was only about 10 kids or so (4 were mine) but it was so nice. We put out a blanket in the backyard behind the main house and pulled out lunches and books. She read while we chowed. It was shady and not to hot, very nice!

And guess what, they have a replica one room school house with the blackboard, stove, desks and bell. It was precious.

We plan to go back for the tour and be able to go into all the buildings and such. I am excited and the kids are too. I was a little surprised, but they want to go in and see and hear about it all. Cool!!!

We walked the grounds and saw all the animals. They have 2 mini goats like you Auntie!

Well, the kids are asleep right now, I wore them out I guess, so I am going to pickup and do some paper work, perhaps go to the potty...haha!

Till next time....take care of one another.

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