Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Well today was quite a full day. Briana, Max and Gabi didn't come today (sick), so the boys and I played catch up. We went to the post office, cleaners, dollar store, wal-mart and on and on. We got lots done that we don't normally get to do until after 5 pm and it usually takes us several days.

We had lunch with Granny today. She looked good and was excited to see us. Kutter had fun entertaining her with his antics and being a nut. He enjoyed playing cars with Granny.

We also went to the Dr. for Kaden's 6 month appointment. Dr. Johnson's said Mr. Kaden was the picture of health and he was quite impressed with his ability to sit up so well and reach for things with out falling over and such. He said that usually they don't master that skill until 7 months. And get this the chunk ways 2o lbs and 10 oz. He is 27 inches long. Can you believe that?

Well, all for now...must sleep so that I can take the kids to the "Jurassic Jamboree" at the Dallas Children's Museum.

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