Thursday, July 06, 2006

You know sadly I am beginning to look forward to the summers end...

I know that is awful!

With moving, packing, teaching, raising boys, etc...I am completely worn out these days. I find myself fighting sleep during the day and not being able to fall asleep at night.

Mr. Bug is so very verbal these days. He is a complete looney! His sentences will floor you.

A funny story...he was outside with BJ the other day and pooped in his pants...he walks up to Brian, throws his hands in the air and sighs and as his hands slap his thighs he says..."Dad, I pooped in my pants". Brian trying not to burst into uncontrollable laughter, says..."Well, what are you going to do about it?"...he answers..."I just don't know". As funny as it was, the scamp comes in and says..."Mom, I pooped...clean my butt." To which I promptly said, "No thanks, I am busy." He didn't like that answer to much...but oh well, I don't like cleaning poop is what I told him. I have resorted to making him clean his own undies. He stood in the tub and washed them out yesterday...all the while telling me how fun it was...and how much he liked it and wanted to do it again. Great! He is a complete loon I am telling you. He gags when ever he sees the poop, and doesn't want it to touch him...but refuses to go in the potty. Lord, help me make it through this time! :)

My Kaden on the other hand, has no issues with poop oozing out of his diaper...which is generally does unless he's had a few jars of bananas. :) Like that image don't you. The boy is literally huge these days. My little Hercules. He is steadly learning to pick on his brother and actually likes to wrestle with him. It is really funny. Poor guy is apparently allergic to something in the air these days...more so in Waxahachie (unfortunately) than Garland. I am thinking the cedar trees are bothering him. As soon as we exit the truck, his nose becomes a faucet and his eyes get red. I am hoping it will pass, but for now we are trying a Benadryl regimin. I hate medicating him, but don't know what else to do to get him to dry up a little. Poor guy at night he is so wet snot sounding it is awful, I have actually been sucking his nose during the night, which causes terrible screaming and makes his brother cover his ears while sleeping. (Quite funny to see.) Hopefully it will pass and he will not have too many problems.

We are trying to get the house thinned, packed and moved...but it is a slow painstaking process for sure. We got the storage building moved and most of the stuff from it down there. But we still have so much to go! I hate moving! What I would do to leave it all behind and start fresh! Haha!

The school is on its way. We have windows and a door in, I am working on forms, handbooks and works. What I really need is a money backer or invester that is willing to invest about $5000 into a private school to help supply the inside of the school. Anybody know any wealthy people with nothing to spend their gobs of money on? haha!

Anyway, I am going for now...take care until next time...we-

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