Friday, June 16, 2006

Well can you believe Kaden is 6 months old? The little man is a mess. He goes in for hs 6 month checkup next tuesday. He is not crawling yet, but scoots himself around a lot. He doesn't like to lay down much, he would much rather sit up and lean over to reach things. But and I call him the "grab nabber". He is eating peaches, pears, bananas, green beans, peas, sweet potatoes and squash these days. No more allergy problems. And get this, he seems to be outgrowing the dairy allergy. He doesn't react if I eat or drink milk products. Of course I do it all in very small cheesestick, very small glass of milk...etc. But he doesn't seem to breaking out in a rash or getting the runs anymore. Yeah! Eggs don't bother him either. Funny...

My bug is so big these days. He is learning so quickly. He is doing very well with his letter sounds and number recognition. He enjoys the sound bags because they have things like race cars and boats and tractors in them. Go figure. He is doing very well with his gym class too. He goes again next Monday. He gets really excited. Daddy is picking him up early from school today so that they can go pick up the mail at the new house and to go pick up his tractor from the "tractor hospital". He is excited to have more "daddy time".

We are working on the school building in Waxahachie, we have $5000 budget for the actual building - walls, insulation, plumbing, air, electrical, floor, etc. So Brian has been busy trying to find the best way/deal to do things so that we can get it all done within budget. The insides will come later I suppose. I am searching for child size tables and chairs on craigslist and such. If anyone comes across any, let me know.

Well, all for now...had a few moments and thought I would jot a word.

Take care of all and show a kindness to someone today...we-

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