Thursday, June 08, 2006

Well, what a busy week I have been having, but it has been great! The kids and I are loving vacation bible school. The artic theme is really fun and I am loving being in a classroom with all the kids.

Kutter loves to go to bible school. He is in the nursery (the bible classes don't actually start until 4 years), but has become quite a hit with the youth group. He is their "bud". He is learning to skateboard (on his bottom), ride go carts (with a helmet) and say things like "cool". It is hilarious. The boys high-five him and the girls cart his skinny hinny around. :)

All the while, Kaden is being spoiled rotton in the bed babies class by his "Grandma Lady", as I call her. She doesn't even let me bring him in anymore, she snatches him at the door - "there's my buddy"! It is precious. He is loving all the rocking and holding. We will be going through detox next week, or fedexing him to papa's. haha! :)

I am planning to come to Giddings in July and work with Mom's church in Dimebox for their VBS. I am really excited! I can't wait. Mom don't forget to get me a name and phone number of who to contact.

Angela - when is the one in JC? It isn't registered with lifeway.

Well, I better get back to my postcards - I made postcards for each of my kids to let them know I enjoyed working with them and invite them to Sunday school. I have to find zipcodes for some of the addresses.

Oh, news on the new house - the deal is closed, so it is ours...we won't be moving until the end of August though. We have a fence to build, a pool to remove, carpet to remove/replace with wood flooring, etc. So if you guys have some time to help...which I know is probably impossible due to working on your own...but if you want to get away we will put you to work!

And - we have sold Bartlett. My first! Not really. We just closed on the 6th, so we will be working on paying things off and such with our sale.

What a year!

Oh, here is something exciting. Amanda (with her son and nanny girls) and the kids (mine and Lori's) and I are planning many exciting field trips this summer - if you guys can break away we would love for ya'll to join us sometime. We are looking into the zoo, aquarium, the science place, discovery gardens, roller skating, bowling, mini golf, and the list goes on.

Well, I really must go now...again soon...

Be Strong! Be Courageous! Follow Jesus!


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