Monday, June 19, 2006

Hello to all...just taking a moment to sit and jot a note about today. It has been quite a long weekend and it is all running together. No rest for the Johnson crew, we spent the weekend running back and forth between Garland, Arlington, Terrall and Waxahachie. We have purchased the air units for the school building as well as the insulation. Which Brian spent Sunday afternoon putting up in the building. He worked really hard and got it all done leaving places for the doors and windows and countertop.

On Friday night we went to six flags to see Crystal Lynn compete in a local leg of the Colgate Country Showdown (that contest that Scott Whitaker won several years back). She got 3rd. It was fun to walk around with the boys, we watched "people get stuck, oh no!" (Kutter) on the Superman ride and fed the (huge) fish. We pressed penny's and saw Scooby Doo, Sylvester and Foghorn Leghorn. It was fun!

On Saturday we went to Terrell to see Liz Arnold compete in another local leg of the colgate country showdown competetition. She won. But really the girl had no competition. She is 18, beautiful with a voice that won't quit and has a great stage presence. She will make it in the entertainment world that is no doubt.

While at the competition on Saturday Brian signed up for a drawing to win a recliner and won it! How cool is that! It of course is maroon and not green like our other one...thus the reason he won it! haha! :) But we plan to get a rug that is "apple butter", which is the name of a really beautiful rug we found with lots of naturals and earth tones. I need a pillow to throw in his chair...

Not much excitement today. The kids and I took a trip to McD's for lunch. Bug refused to nap and the 2 year old reared his head several times throughout the day...but overall unenventful and good.

Tomorrow is a trip to see Briana's gym class and a picnic lunch. Then home for a nap. Kaden's Dr.'s appointment is tomorrow afternoon...will update then.

Until later...take care of all...we-

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