Sunday, June 25, 2006

Oh, I am exhausted this morning. I fell into bed about 11pm last night and Kaden woke up at 4:30. I tried to avoid feeding him because I really don't want him to make a habit of eating at that time. At 5:21 I gave up and fed him, yes in our bed, I was literally to tired to get up and walk to another place. I know its terrible. He went back to sleep only to wake up at 6:30 like he had not eaten in days. Ohhh my child... Oh course Kutter as well has been up since 6:30...poking and prodding his brother. If I could have sent them to make cereal and watch the boob toob I would have. How terrible is that. The past week is catching up with me. I haven't been sleeping and my sinus junk is back, so it has been a really long week. Oh but enough whining. I have to get ready for Sunday school and church, so I don't have much time.

I tried to post the night before last and for whatever reason it didn't work. Annoying...

Thursday the boys and I went to Brown Bag Book Thursday at the farmstead. It was a lot of fun. I didn't have the other kids because their Grandma is in town and they stayed with her. After Bug and I left the farm we headed to Waxahachie to check the mail and see if they actually put a hold on it. (We've been having mail difficulties.) Of course perhaps I am hormonal these days, or just tired. The really rude mail lady completely hurt my feelings. She was very ugly about why we needed to hold our mail, it just didn't make sense. "Since you aren't living there, you shouldn't have any mail". I suppose the electric company, water company and mortgage will just magically hold/pay our bills for the next few months until we move in. I didn't know they offered this service, but apparently the mail lady did. Anyway enough sarcasm. She was quite rude about the whole situation and finally just called out the postmaster to approve a hold until August in case the forward didn't go through. Quite frustrating. I mean, I don't know I thought that was the post offices job - to serve the publics mail needs...hold, deliver, forward, etc. Of course I must be wrong about this observation.

Anyway enough whining. The boys and I also stopped by the local Montessori school - just to check it out, get prices and such. It was a little disappointing, but better than I expected I guess. Kutter walked right in and asked the administrator to go to the playground and play with the kids. It was quite sad, he acted like he just belonged and had been there forever. There prices are very cheap and the environment was cluttered, dirty and very "daycare". Which she did tell me, they are basically daycare in the summer. All of their Montessori works are put up and they just play and have field trips. I didn't like that so much. Bug lined up and followed the others inside. He went potty with them (they only have 1 set up bathrooms, so they do potty time), and then sat down for a game of Bingo. He didn't want to leave, so I told him one game and then we had to go. He did just that, one game then turned in his stuff and said it was time to go. haha! I was glad, I thought I may have to drag him out kicking and screaming. He made me wonder if I am depriving him...

Oh, before I sign off, thanks to Tasha for joining the photography subcommittee! Your help is most appreciated. What do you think about joining the family history subcommittee?

Well, I have to go jump in the shower. My cereal is again to all...wendy

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