Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Well, what a great day we have had! Brian and I took the boys to the Science Place in Dallas. We met Lori and her kids (Max, Bri and Gabi) and Amanda, Brandon, Nathaniel and the two she nanny's (Elizabeth and Meredith) there. Crystal Lynn (new "singer" girl - 14) and her mom went with us as well.

It was a blast. The kids were all excited about all the cool stuff that we saw. They enjoyed all the science experiements and such and I took a ton of pictures of them doing stuff. They also got to go through the "farm" and pick foods and gather eggs, milk a cow, ride a tractor and such. It was great. In the kids discovery area they played with toys and the water table and such. It was lots of fun. Brian took Crystal and her mom over to the IMAX to see the fighter pilot show, he said that was awesome.

We ate a picnic lunch next to the lake with everyone and fed the birds and the turtles. The kids had a blast.

We left after lunch because Bug was very tired and already melting down. I knew he would just get ugly if we stayed, and BJ had to go to work this afternoon.

All in all it was a great day.

We are planning other trips and such for the summer months.

Tommorrow we are going to McKinney to the Heard Museum for their "Brown Bag Book" day - take a lunch, blanket and your favorite book, stories and lunch on the grounds. We thought it would be great!

Well, while Bug is asleep, I have somethings to do.

Love to all, we-

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