Monday, October 24, 2011

Well I started to blog and then got sidetracked and didn't get back to it. LOL What's new right? At least I got the pictures uploaded - that's half the battle right there. I better get this one done so I can start on the next. It's been busy around here lately!

The boys have been saving their HEB points forever because they didn't like the last set of prizes to many beach balls does one family need right? LOL But they were excited to see new prizes come out so we added up our points and went in for the pick-up! Bug got 2 things of clay and Red picked the drawing board.

The boys went in for their six month dental check-up. They both got a clean bill of teeth and some good freebies! I love freebies, don't you? Toothpaste, new toothbrushes and a flosser. Woo-Hoo!

My girls in action group made Pledge Pie a few weeks ago. That was a lot of fun! Messy and gooey, but yummy too! We used the project to work on learning the GA pledge. We would practice part of the pledge then put in an ingredient, then practice more, another get the picture. It was fun!

Let's see, a couple of weeks back we had a day where I got up - made some biscuits and said - let's change it up! So we did. I love that we can do that with our day. We did some reading projects and just had a lot of fun with reading. I love to read and I rally push my kids to read. I hope they end up being the bookworm type like me.

Our first book was Edwina the dinosaur who didn't know she was extinct. This is one precious book. If you've never read it - you need to go to the library right now and check it out. I don't care how old you are - or how old your kids are - you'll love it I promise! This sweet dino just doesn't realize that she is extinct. Even though she is the only one - she just goes around doing nice things and smiling and baking chocolate chip cookies for everyone. One little boy is greatly disturbed by this and trys to convince everyone that she shouldn't be around. When no one listens he tries to convince Edwina - well guess what she doesn't care! It's just a great story of positive attitude and loving on others. Be sure to check it out!

Our first book related project was to paint - we used the special paint that Bug made with the shave cream and glue experiment. The boys painted their favorite parts of the book.

We also used the story to do some dictionary skills - we looked up the word "extinct" and discussed what it means. We also tried to think of animals that were extinct. This trailed into a discussion about endangered animals and which animals we had seen at the zoo were endangered and what would happen if they were not protected. It was a great discussion!!!

Our next book was The Perfect Nest. Another fun story! In this one a (precious) gray kitty tries to make the perfect nest to attract a chicken so he can eat it. Well he ends up with a few different birds in the nest as well as some eggs which hatch. It was a cute story and the boys laughed and laughed at the antics of the animals.

We decided to build our own "perfect nest" using the "stuff to glue" box.

We also did some letter writing - The boys chose to use some of that paper that is preformed to fold, tape and mail - we found it at Uncle Doug's and the boys think it's really cool. (What ever gets them writing, right?) So we wrote some letters to cousins and decorated them with stickers.

Here's Bug working hard on his letter.

Our last book was There's a bird on your head by Mo Willems. If you've never read Mo Willems - oh you are missing out. These books are just hilarious and we just adore them! This one is the so funny story in which the elephant has a bird land on his head...then two, then they build a nest, then they lay eggs, then the eggs hatch. It's so funny - his friend Piggie is there to give "advice" until it backfires. But he does remember to say thank you. LOL So funny - go check it out...really - it's worth the laugh!

Bug read this one to us - he loves Mo Willems!

We did a story map for this one - we discussed the setting, characters, problem and the conclusion. I loved seeing their illustrations of what happened.

Here is Red's work.

And Bug's work. He did some sentences along with his drawings.

We also did a drawing lesson from Draw Write Now. We made a turkey. That was fun. And not as difficult as I suspected. After years and years of drawing a turkey from my hand - it was good to learn a new way!

My brilliant work!

Red's turkey is in the pasture.

We went on a !!Field Trip!! to the State Fair of Texas the last Thursday they were open.

And how excited were we when we got to the state fair the next day to see a real turkey!!!

One of Bug's favorite parts of the fair was to see Boris - the HUGE pig! LOL He thought he was just the coolest!

Check out the baby camel - isn't it precious. This was one of my own favorite parts - seeing the camels - they were so cool! His Momma was huge - she let us pet her which was awesome!

Here is the brand new baby llama - isn't he adorable! So tiny - he is only about 3 weeks old.

And here is the brand new Jesus Donkey - he was hiding behind his Momma. So sweet - this was one of Daddy's favorite parts.

Check out this tee-niny baby goat. Isn't he sweet!

Can you see the Joey in there - so cool! All snug and snoozing with his Momma. Daddy told Red he should have been a Kangaroo! LOL

There's Big Tex saying Howdy!

We went to the Hall of State - we've never been before and boy oh boy will we go again. It was super cool.

Momma decided to mark a waymark out front - woo-hoo!

Bug's favorite part - the cotton candy! LOL

It was the 125th anniversary of the fair - I was surprised there wasn't more "hoopla" about that - but we did find a huge cake made of flowers.

Okay someone explain to me the secret of the Midway it a mirror trick? Red was a little freaked out but I was completely intrigued!

Red found his passion in the greenhouse...The Alamo!

Another of Bug's favorite parts - he won a huge picachu at the basketball throw game!

Momma marking another waymark at the Taffy Pulling Machines!

The DPD mounted patrol presentation - my favorite part of the fair! It was so cool and I learned so much. This is Officer knight and his partner Maximus.

Maximus up close.

As we stepped out of the Food and Fiber Pavillion this is what we saw. LOL - can you imagine trying to get these things home?

Momma marking yet another waymark - Steel Dust.

We walked through one of the exhibit barns and Bug spotted Quiggly's playhouse set up in one corner. He wanted to make a pot on the wheel. It was cool to watch the lady work with him. Fun Fun Fun!

Here he is forming the sides of his vase.

She did the finishing work on the bottom.

It's all dry now, Bug just has to paint it. Very cool!

So who hasn't heard all the hype about fried bubble gum - right? Ha! I was a little disappointed. It's not bubble gum at all but marshmellows! I DID not pay $4.50 for this, just got a pic of the sample on the counter. So I guess the answer to the big question is "You eat it!"

Look at all this sad hound dog - lol. Daddy took the truck to town one afternoon to pick up a dog house and the hounds were so sad that they couldn't go with him. It was quite a pitiful sight let me tell you!

I found this little guy out by the porch one night. The dogs were knocking all my potted plants off trying to get to him. LOL We named him Clyde.

Porcupine Meatballs - heard of those? Yummy!

I first saw them on Pinterest and thought hmmm...I should try that. We are huge rice-a-roni fans around here, so what's not to love, right?

The boys liked them. I actually made a huge batch so I could put some in the freezer for later. Woo-Hoo!

I also made The Pioneer Woman's bacon wrapped sliders. Oh man are they yummy! Another Pinterest find!

Oh these were scrumptious! And according to her website they have 0 calories because they are smaller. LOL

Here is Lady Bug trying out her new dog house.

The boys and I have been geocaching a bit more...this cooler weather is perfect for hunting. We cleaned up a few in the Bethel/Boz area that Treasure Boy had put out. Bug made the snag on this big boy. It had actually fallen from the tree. He was excited to find some new sunglasses to trade for inside! :)

Another easy find - traded for more goodies and put it back under a rock!

Our 150th find - woo-hoo! Bug had to climb a tree for this one! LOL - Not that he minded!

A cool Treasure Boy container here - loved it.

Well any of you who know me - you know I have been teaching forever. Well consequently I have accumulated lots and lots of stuff! AUGH! Not to mention all the other stuff that our garage gets piled up with. I have a corner that is mine with all the school stuff and I made a deal with myself to get it cleaned up and organized. It's terrible to try to find anything because there is so much stuff and it's a mess!

This is before...

Another before...

These are my bookshelves. I have 500+ books listed and used to have them logged and in boxes. Well these two bookshelves got moved to the garage so I thought I would put them to use for my swap books. Well it took some doing and there are still some to sort - but for the most part they are all on the shelves. The hardbacks I have listed in ABC order. The pb and large pb I am still working on.

Well look at that...I wondered if there was concrete or dirt under all that mess. A little of both I guess as I hadn't swept it yet. ;)

We got a free physical fitness plan book, poster and a couple of pedometers in the mail today - woo-hoo!

We saw a sign for a pet costume contest at a local vet. Although we left town before I could actually get it printed and taken up there. But Scamp was a good sport anyway. LOL

Watch Out criminals, I'm the law around here!

Are you done yet?

The humiliation one poor dog has to endure. LOL

I love this guy - he is so funny! And talk about patient. He let us dress him up and mess with him and he just took it. Great dog!

He finally got tired of the hat. LOL - Lady Bug says "What in the world are you doing man?"

So in the midst of my garage cleaning, Red comes up with a bleeding (everywhere) foot. Yeah - he had stepped on a stick and sliced open the underside of his toe. Ewww. Poor guy! So we had a mini-lesson in first aid and wound cleaning.

After cleaning him all up, he thought he'd go back out, but when he put his foot down it started gushing again, so I wrapped him in a washcloth and had him prop his foot up.

After setting him up with a drink and some cartoons I headed back out to the garage. I got the boxes stacked, labeled and somewhat sorted.

I am not done by any means, but at least it looks better and is manageable now. whew...

I need to sort some of the boxes time, Wendy, in time...

I found the broom! ;)

All neatly stacked and labeled.

These old filing cabinets were stuffed with old paperwork and all sorts of junk. Now they are mine mine mine and I have the middle one and the one of the right in great order! LOL I still have to clean out the one on the left. I use the first one for school files - sorted all by theme, project, idea, etc. The middle one holds school supplies and organization stuff - folders, paper, page protectors, etc.

Here's the top of the file cabinets. A little neater!

What a job - I feel so much better that it is managable now...yeah! Go Wendy! Go Wendy! Go Wendy! LOL Yep I doing the dance!

Well I better go get a shower and get dressed...Halloween carnival at church tonight...more blogging to come later...

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