Saturday, October 01, 2011

Friday Review - ECCHO & Bug's Birthday Party

Friday is our slow day - we have ECCHO classes (home school co-op) every other week so we tend to take it slowly around here on Fridays. The second week of school we had ECCHO classes. Bug is taking a chemistry class with Ms. Kimberly and he is LoViNg it! It's quite cool! She is using the Real-Science-4-Kids curriculum. It is really cool and the classes have been so neat - the first week they learned about atoms and using various items like crackers, cheese, and cotton balls they experimented! It was very interesting to watch the kids doing their "research" and coming up with their hypothesis, and stuff - it's great!

In their second class they used marshmallows to discuss and build their own molecules.  It was great!  And they got to eat the marshmallows, which I think was Bug's favorite part!!!

Last Friday we had Bug's "friend" birthday party at the park after co-op classes.  What a blast!  The kids played for a while when we first got to the park.  They were building forts and playing in the trees - it was great to watch!  We had brownies and juice!  We also had a pirate pinata to break open!  That was fun fun fun!  The top of the head broke off - where the string was - so Daddy had to do some emergency surgery to get him back up there - it was quite funny - poor pirate!

Bug got some really fun gifts from friends, art stuff, a new remote control car - all the boys were very excited about that!  A new bionicle to build and a new beach towel!  

He also got a set of Pokemon cards - he was very excited about this.  He has recently discovered the card game and it's sorta funny, but it basically works on greater than less than so that's a perk!  LOL

He had a blast with friends at the park and was so excited to play with everyone.  Happy Birthday Bug-a-roni!  I can't believe my Bug is 8!  Wow - how time does fly!!!

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