Monday, October 10, 2011

This and That...

Oh my goodness - remember those crazy silk making web worms I talked about? Well apparently they thought that Daddy's truck was to be their new home. Oh my - 1000's upon 1000's of those crazy things nested up under the wheel wells and in an 8 foot long web under the truck. WOW! It was a crazy sight!
Daddy's truck doesn't get driven that often...who can afford it these days? So, when he went out to load up and head to Lowe's did he get a surprise.
And the boys had a blast de-webbing the truck wheels. LOL

The only good thing I can find to say is that at least they are not on the red oak trees. Everything I have read says these crazy worms get on oak trees. Well we have two red oaks in our back yard and neither seems to have any worms. Thank goodness!

But I have to say that it seems the worms must either be in their cocoons or have transformed and vanished in a flash. The worms seem to be gone. Although they left quite a mess of webs!!! But we didn't see a mass of moths or anything??? Not really sure - kinda crazy...and messy!
Check these out - our new sprinklers...Hubby picked them up to put along the back fence. We figured since the drought is supposed to continue for a while, and since we had TWO fires in the fields behind our house (in two days!!!) that we had better be a little more prepared. So he got three of these sprinklers. We placed them along the back fence and just leave them in the ground. I put a bucket over them for when they aren't in use so the sun will not bake them! So in case of fire we just hook up the hose and let them spray...while we PRAY! Now certainly it doesn't take the place of firemen and tanker trucks, but it certainly makes us feel that we might do a little to help protect our house if the field were to catch fire.

Well I am sure you remember me chatting about our crazy trashcan in an earlier posts...well I finally did it. Took the plunge and spent the $68 on a new one. Well actually Daddy did because he went to Lowe's to pick it up. Below you can see the old one...I know it's a sad sight, but honestly I think we could have got another year out of it. Yes, it is propped up in this picture, it doesn't stand very well on it's own anymore.

And here is it's replacement...It is a good one I must admit! Made of that really durable hard plastic stuff. And it has a metal bar for lifting - that's gotta be more durable, right?
Let me tell ya, my hubby is very excited about putting a note (letting the trash guy know he can actually throw it away) on the old one for the trash guy. Men...gotta love 'em!

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