Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Third week of school in review..

Oh my goodness what happened to my nice neat school room? LOL

I am always amazed at the "stuff" that gets piled on the school room table over the weekend Friday and Saturday. What is that? LOL I had better get to cleaning right?

Okay this looks a little better, right?
Plan Plan Planning...I admit it...I am a planning junkie...I probably should join a group for planners I just love it! I laid out my books and the Monday tags for each kiddo so I could tag their schedule books and get everything prepared.

I have already chucked my planner pages that I started out with the first week. I know I know - what are you doing Wendy! LOL - but I find that if we don't get something done that I get frustrated with the boxes and the way the planner itself that crazy or what? LOL But I came up with the idea - just pen on paper and lay it out day by day. I used highlighters to distinguish each kiddo. This set up worked much much better this week. I really liked it!

The sense of accomplishment from a little thing like a schedule chart is just overwhelming sometimes. Man I love these things!

I made us tags for Meals on Wheels. I th
ought it would be good for the boys to see on their chart. They love taking the tags of their chart when they finish something, so I thought they'd like this. Do you like my cute drawings?

So here's the Thursday chart all ready! Yeah! Thursday we usually take our work with us into town because we deliver Meals on Wheels, so I try to make sure that all the work is portable and not very complicated.

Our bible lesson is set up and ready for monday! Woo-Hoo!

I set up our minute tracker on the book-it website for the boys. This way they can keep track of how much reading they do and how close they are to their goal.

During science Red and I talked about hair color, so we decided to make a "hair color" chart and talk about it.

We drew a sheep for Draw Right Now. Mine was a little rectangular, but I did it! ;)

Bug working hard on his lesson!

Red working hard on his writing.

During health Red and I were talking about healthy foods and what a good breakfast consists of. After brainstorming several ideas he came up with salad with italian dressing and a glass of water. LOL - ummm, no we don't usually have salad for breakfast!

Yum-O! Daddy made us spaghetti and garlic toast for lunch one day. Man oh man was it good! I love our cafeteria guy!

Red's calendar journal - I really like this idea! I first found this on pinterest and boy oh boy was I excited! You can find this journal here. I use this with Red to reinforce all the calendar stuff - he likes to color with the highlighter so it works well!

Check this out - crossing it off - woo-hoo! I think that's why I like the pen to paper routine because I get to cross it off when we are done!!!

Ugh! Webworms, army worms, inch worms, silk worms...I have seen them called a gazillion different things! Let me tell you I call them gross b/c they have decided to take over the hack berry right over my swing! So anytime I go out there they attack me! Yuck! We found a web under the swing though and thought that was prety cool!

Bluebonnet seed - I finally got around to putting them in a baggie - nice and dry now. I saw where they are supposed to be planted in the fall so they have time germinate before spring. I plan to check into that so I can get them in the ground!

Another project I tackled...not school related really - was the plant on my back porch. They have begun to look really really scraggly and yuck! This thing here I am not sure what it is...probably some weed that I am lovingly watering on a regular basis. This pot used to have large rubber tree in in, but it died over the summer and this strange thing came up.

Here is a begore and after shop of the ivy. See the one to the left - poor thing, it had many many feet of leaves just vine. So trimmed it back quite a bit. The pot of the left needed a little TLC as well.

So here is the after - better, right? I trimmed the ivy on the left and put many of the cuttings in dirt and/or water.

Check out all the vines! Oh my they were crazy! But lots of root nubs growing so I plan to see if I can get some more to grow so I can transplant.

I quickly found out I didn't have a large enough vase to put all of them in. A mason jar drinking glass will have to do.

So what do you think...did you recognize Joseph - sure you did, right? LOL and Mary - the tummy is a dead give-a-way right? hehe!

Red diligently working on the birth of Jesus I love this curriculum!

Peeling the taters...I was making stew for lunch one day and peeled taters during a few lessons - talk about multi-tasking! Go Mom!

Redneck ice pack! LOL One morning I was making Bug some "Coffee" (translation warm milk with a sweetener and a few teaspoons of coffee) and reached into the microwave to burn the crud outta my finger! Oh my did it hurt! Wowza! I ended up with a big blister - gross! But the little plastic ice cubes did the trick and took some of the sting out.

Well that's my "2nd week in review" post...I know two weeks late, but hopefully it made you smile and you will be on the edge of your seat waiting for the next post! LOL - we-

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