Monday, October 10, 2011

The Wild Shave Cream Paint Experiment!

Last month Bug cashed in some of his tokens for a chance to play in shave cream. Something he thoroughly enjoyed.

Well when he was done we mixed in some food color and white glue so he could "paint". This mixture makes a sort of puff paint that looks 3-D on paper. (See earlier blog for more).

Well what to do with the leftovers?

Experiment of course!!!

***Ms. Kimberly is bound to be smiling right now!!!

So we formed a question - What will happen if we put the "puff" paint in a bag? Will is dissolve away or will it stay?

Next we set up our "research" - we bagged up the puff paint so we could watch it over the next few weeks to see what would happen.

Our hypothesis was "The bag would help the paint "stay" as it is.

With our experiment under way, we began to watch and discuss the changes we saw over the next few weeks.

But in the end our conclusion was "The bag did not make the paint 'stay' as it was". Bug figured it was because the shave cream had so much air in it.

Good guess I would say. He thinks we should go back and make a new hypothesis and do some more research...good idea kiddo!

We might just do that...a glass jar maybe?

You can see here in the last pic that it's melted all the way to just a bit of metallic looking liquid - we plan to try painting with it to see what happens. Hmmm...sounds like another experiment in the

Thanks to Mrs. Kimberly Koelzer from our home school co-op Chemistry for Kids class for sparking all the "scientific" learning in my son!!! Love it!

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