Monday, October 10, 2011

So do you ever go into the bathroom at your house and find weird things like soap with teeth marks in it?


Well at my house I do!

I am not kidding! I am cleaning the tub and pick up the soap to wash the soap dish and see teethmarks in it! Really - one of my kids is eating the soap - seriously???

So I (while laughing) go out to show Daddy - he is laughing and says "What in the world". Bug walks up and says - "Oh I did that, you know with the shark". LOL - at least it's not the kids eating the soap!

Oh life in a house of boys!

Here is another one of those fun boy things. I go into the bathroom and wash my hands. I reach for the towel and see this. Yes, that is a soaking wet (dripping on the floor) towel.

What are you thinking!

Oh my goodness!

Who knows what was cleaned (or wiped up). I suppose I should be thankful that it at least got hung up, right? LOL

Marshmallow roasting...yum!

We love an ooey-gooey marshmallow and have found that the electric stove actually does a better job than an open flame!


Do you get a kick outta the Geico commercials?


Me neither, but we do love travelbugs!

Someone dropped this little lizard in our Papa J's #1 geocache and we couldn't resist running out to grab it!

He's a cute little guy - right?

So now we just need to find a good place to drop him.

Okay what's next?

Puppy Treats....

Where oh where did all the puppy treats go?

Oh yeah, I have two kids and three dogs...seems we go through lots of puppy treats around here! LOL

So it's back to the kneading said we have to fill the jar - so we started with a batch of peanut butter puppy treats.

Bug decided to help me out...since we had a gazillion puppy treats to make and all. LOL Thank goodness!

We started out with turtles...who could resist a turtle!

The second batch we made "Elvis" puppy treats!!! That's right - peanut butter and banana!

Let me say now that these are Sadie's favorite puppy treat!

So we didn't make it all the way to the top, but we got close I'd say.

Lady Bug says "Mom, are those puppy treats in there". Oh Man! Yippee!

Lady Bug trying out the Elvis Treats!

Scamper getting his Elvis Puppy Treat!

And Sadie girl - isn't she beautiful - loving her Elvis Puppy Treat!

So after all the crazy fires in the fields - it's a sky full of smoke again! UGH!

This time it's the chemical fire at the Magnablend plant in Waxahachie. What a crazy fire!

The wind was (thankfully) blowing away from our house, but the sky got quite dark for a while.

Daddy took a few pictures of the smoke in the sky.

The news was telling people to stay inside because they were unsure of the air quality.

Well we figured if we couldn't go outside we probably shouldn't leave the pups out there either.

Scamper Pamper decided he wanted to come to school today. Sweet boy.

Peanut Butter took his first quiz in science today - made a 100! Go Buggy! Love you babe!

Sadie girl decided she wanted to join us for some learning time to. Love that girl!

Red and I were talking about eye color during science. He cut out eyes of different colors and added a "pupil" to each.

Sadie decided belly rubs were a standard part of education.

We worked on our school year posters....glue, glue, glue!!!

During history, if we don't have a coloring sheet, I usually have the boys get some fine motor activity that will keep their hands busy while I read out loud and we discuss the material.

Our next draw right now lesson was to draw a cow! Bug (top) did a great job on his cow! He even added a barn. He decided to make it a dairy cow and gave her some spots! Red (bottom) did really well on his cow, too. He wanted his to have spots - the blue head is hilarious! This cow is apparently not in Texas - he has green grass to eat. All the Texas cows have these days is brown crunchy stuff!

Here is my cow...what do ya think - they eyes are a little creepy, right?

In Red's math lessons we have been learning to play the game of war (comparing numbers). Bug decided to play a couple of games with us. What fun! And boy they are good!

Here's my girl again...she is so funny! I find her perched a top the picnic table most every morning. She is our very own little sentinel!

My biscuits are burning! My biscuits are burning!

I decided to make some biscuits the other morning. I had made some more Red Plum Freezer Jam - (love that stuff!!!) and wanted to try it out with some warm biscuits.

So I put them in the oven and head to the school room to read my bible. Well I forgot to set the timer - boo!!!

So I am sitting there reading and all of a sudden it hits me! Oh No! My biscuits! Well the 4 in the square pan ended up being bird food, but the round pan was fine - suprisingly. A little crispy on top, but yummy scrummy with my Red Plum Jam!!!

Well October is here and already almost half over - me oh my where does it go!!!

Until next time...we-

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