Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh my goodness - this is it...once I complete this blog update, I will be caught up! Woo-Hoo!

I finally got around to taking our "first day of school pictures". Well it was a month late, but you know - better late than never, right? LOL
So you don't get to see the boys, but here's their signs on our door.

We used the "glue-it" box to decorate the signs.

Bug even added the word "study" to his sign! LOL - cute.

Last Wednesday, Red decided to cash-in some of his tokens for "pick the meal at home". :) He wanted spaghetti and hot dogs - not in the same dish by the way. LOL So Wednesday at lunch time Daddy cooked up a pot of spaghetti for us! Red was so excited. He loves spaghetti! (We decided to save the hot dogs for the weekend.)

Thursday we went to the Fort Worth Zoo for home school day!

Daddy took off and went with us.

Let me tell you we had a blast!

It was so fun and we got to see so many cool things!

We stopped at the Pink Flamingo pond first. You know the cool thing - we could get so close to them!

Let me tell you now - I LOVE pink flamingos! I mean they are right up there with the gray kitties and the basset hounds!

I actually got to pet a couple of the pink flamingos.

How cool is that!!!

This one was actually scratching it's leg with the other leg!

Check out the Kudu in the middle of the picture - it was sleeping with it's head tucked around it's back. LOL

Think you want to sleep like this?

I found a scavenger hunt online (it was part of a lap book project), so I printed one out for each of the boys so they could "find" things at the zoo.

Each of them had a certain traits that they were supposed to find and then they drew it in the correct box.

Bug drew the saltwater crocodile (that was HUGE) in the reptile box.

Here's a better view of this incredible thing! Oh me oh my!!!

Check out this little guy - "Man I am tired, I think I will just hang out here for a bit".

Bug got a kick out of touching a real snake. Ewww!

Here is Red hard at work on his book.

Check out the Macaws, aren't they beautiful.

Can you imagine this thing running at you?


Check out this guy - love it! Reminds me of Sadie! :)

Don't you just want to hug this guy - so precious!

Can you find the lion in this picture?

He was really cool...just sitting up there all regal and mean looking. LOL

Bug and Daddy went into the bird area. It has a name and I can't remember it at this point. LOL But anyway - he loved it! The birds were flying all over and you could buy a food stick for a $1 and feed the birds. He was in heaven! :) Red on the other hand wanted no part of it. So we sat out on the bench - watching and eating a snack.

Check out this guy - he was really cool. But didn't want anyone to see him apparently because he sat with his back to us and wouldn't turn around. He was BIG!

These are Red River Hogs. They were next to the cheetah cage. Yep, I said cheetah cage! LOL

Here's Chester Cheetah! He and his partner were strategically pacing the fence next to the red river hogs. It must have been close to feeding time because they sure were watching those hogs!

Can you see the squirrel in the bush! LOL I was cracking up. There was a rope hanging on the rail, as we walked by Bug touched the rope and upset this little guy. LOL We were amazed at the reaction he gave! He was chattering and actually went after us as we walked away. It was funny - Daddy took a picture and apparently the flash upset him more. LOL - it was hilarious!

This is a mandrill - part of the baboon family. I will say there were cool to look at - bright faces and the male had a bright rear end too. They were a little gross though.

The orangutan's were hilarious! While they were up on their tree house thing one kept trying to lift a log and throw the other one off. It was funny!

A beautiful swan...

The Eagles were just beautiful!

Here is another really funny scenario we found! The coyotes were in a habitat right next to the jaguar - can you believe that! I was cracking up! There were two coyotes in there and it was funny to see them cowing down as they walked around under the watchful eye of the jaguar.

Here is the jaguar - check him out - is he hilarious or what! He was diligently watching every move that the coyotes made. How funny is that. And the fence that separated them was some sort of chicken wire kinda stuff. Who's bright idea was that?

An eagle-eye view!

How long has it been since you've seen a horn toad?

I was surprised there was only one longhorn. I recently read an article about how they are "social" animals. This poor guys would probably appreciate some company!

On the way out we stopped at the gorilla habitat again. I really wanted to see this guy - he was so cool. But once again he had his back to us - unsociable turd! Then he got up and went inside!

Of course I had to check out the historical marker! Did you know the Ft Worth Zoo was first opened in 1909? Wow!

This weekend we headed to Comanche to visit Uncle Doug and help him clean out the middle closet and back room. Saturday night Uncle Phillip, Uncle Doug and the cousins and us went to the movies - we went to see Real Steel - great movie by the way. Well it began to rain as we went in. By the time we came out it was POURING! I mean can't see out the windshield kinda rain! The good stuff for sure! I tried to take a pic at the hotel, but it really doesn't do it justice!

Here is the flower bed (under the awning), already flooded!

Sunday as we drove home their were some great clouds out. In front of us there was really cool wall cloud across the sky.

Just outside of Stephenville we stopped to take a picture of the sunset - it was pretty spectacular!

Here is that wall cloud again...this one I took while driving so you can see the tree is a bit blurred.

Since we were gone all weekend I was completely unprepared to do school today - so we took the day off. It's a holiday right, Columbus Day, everyone else was out, right. LOL - good enough for me! LOL

Well I spent most of the day preparing for the week and cleaning house. A never ending job it seems.

Bug is starting a section in his science book about hearing and the ear this next week, so I had to draw an ear model for class.

I have to say I think it turned out alright!

Well there I am, all caught up! (For now anyway, tomorrow I am sure I will have a ton to blog about!) LOL

Life it's a never-ending source of smiles, frustrations and funny stories!

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