Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I was thinking about our week tonight and thought - boy has it been rather boring. LOL

For a change...

Our school week has been pretty standard so far, going well and trucking along.

We've enjoyed the rain - we got 1.5 inches as of this morning, I didn't check again after the mid-morning rain we got. Love it!

I have been thinking about freezer recipes again...we are getting low in the freezer.

I know for sure I will make more English Muffin Sandwiches - loved loved loved those! The sloppy joes were another big hit - I will definitely be making some more of those!

I have been browsing pinterest :) in search of freezer friendly recipes. I guess we will see what i come up with. LOL

Better get some books on tape lined up.

Until next time...we-

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Custom Creations by Cat said...

Can u send me the breakfast freezer recipes u have??