Monday, August 25, 2008

Well it has been a while I know life gets crazy and years fly by! LOL

It's August and the weather is rather cool on some days and we have had a lot of rain within the past few weeks...crazy this time of year. Today God graced with a beautiful day...sunshine and warm...rather warm...but not the 106 we have had. LOL

We started orientation at First Steps Preschool (MDO) today. The boys went with me and played with the other kids while I was in training.

My baby will be turning 5 in a few weeks...can you believe that? Wow....I think I am getting old.

The little guy is in the middle of potty training...he is really doing quite well. Not nearly as hard as the first one...he initiated it on his own several weeks ago and just took off with it. No more diapers during the day. He refuses to wear them. LOL But that is okay with me!!!

Brian is working on his second tv show and enjoying every minute. :)

I am currently teaching the boys at home - Kinder and PreK as well as teaching 3 year olds at MDO and attending college again. I am determined to finish my teaching degree!!! I am currently working on 2 math courses. I took a math test today. If I pass it I am done with one class. Woo-Hoo! I have one more assignment in the other class. I am waiting for the graders to get back to me on that one....ugh! I feel good about my test - it seemed to come to me well, there was a few questions that I said - huh? But for the most part, I believe I did well. Pray for me!

God has been good to us lately...taking care of us and providing. Taking care of us every day...

Praises - this beautiful day!

Prayer Requests - Granny - she is still in the hospital dealing with that C-Dif infection. Although it looks like she won't be going anywhere until she is over it. Thank goodness. I am afraid of her going to the nursing home while she is still fighting this stuff. Pray also for the boys and I that we will be able to get into a steady routine for the school year. We have a lot to accomplish over the past few months. Patience and diligence are a must. I know God will give them to me.

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