Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas to all...late I know. I had big dreams of blogging all the news before Christmas happened...but that didn't happen. Brian, the boys and I left out the Friday before Christmas and returned home yesterday...yes, you got it over a week we were gone. was great and crazy all at the same time. We certainly enjoyed our visiting time, but were very glad to get back home. I am sure Lady (our German Shepherd) was glad to see us as well.

We all headed down to mom and dad's in Giddings to stay until Christmas. That was lots of fun. The cousins came to stay so the boys enjoyed so good ol' playing with the cousins. Auntie tried to teach me how to knit...I am not very good. But she gave me a set of long looms for Christmas and I am very good at making scarves on the loom. It is much easier. LOL. I have made 2 scarves so far. I am determined to learn on the needles though. I got a book called I taught myself to knit for Christmas and I am hoping to learn on the needles with that. We decorated a gingerbread house...that was interesting and had our family dinner and present opening. That was tons of fun. I think Memaw and Papa enjoyed having all the kids together...but I am sure they were ready to get their house back. LOL

Christmas day was exciting...Santa visited Memaw and Papa's house and left the Alamo complete with soldiers (the Texicans and Santa Anna's army!!!!). That was a huge hit and has proven to be the best present thus far. :) Kaden hardly wanted to leave the Alamo alone long enough to open anything else. He told us he just didn't want to look in his stocking. LOL. The Alamo won out for sure. Memaw and Papa got them rifle guns and swords. That was a big hit with Kutter Bug! Kaden was too stuck on the Alamo to notice much

We headed out to Papa and Net's house later Christmas afternoon. The boys enjoyed playing with cousin Davin and we stayed up way later than usual. Kaden was so tired he slept way past everyone else and even when the boys were playing Lego batman and Mark was working on the bathroom tile, he slept right through. It was hilarious. We just hung out and played all day. I went to the after Christmas sale with Papa and a bundle and got some paper, boxes and various items for next year. We did Christmas presents and dinner with everyone on Saturday afternoon. The boys enjoyed that. Net made them vest and chaps sets and they got 6 shooters to go with it. Kutter loved that. He actually dressed up in the whole outfit right away.

Shortly after presents we headed home...It was quite a challenge to fit everything in the car...but we did it. It was very good to be home...we unloaded a little something to eat and just hung out till late. The boys slept most of the way home so they were all keyed up. They played war down the hallway with Daddy and their army men. That was hilarious. They love it.

Today is our "get back to reality" day. Brian heads back to work so he is trying to get his stuff together and I am trying to catch up on everything and get our stuff cleaned up, put up, washed, etc. UGH! But all's well at the Johnson house...

I have been working a lot on my homework and have completed and passed several assignments. I have two pending grading for my Classroom Management class - pray I pass them and that class is done!!! W00-Hoo! I also need to complete my research paper...I am determined to complete that this week - if I get it passed then I will be done with my Diversity and Inclusion class. Yeah! I just began a new class - Testing. I have completed task 1 and it is pending grading. 4 tasks to go! I also have a big test coming up... the THEA test which is the basic skills tests that teachers have to take for certification. I am planning to take this test at the end of January. Pray for me to do well. I need to have a passing score posted no later than April 1st in order to student teach in Jan. 2010. Pray all will go smoothly for me!

Well all for now I suppose. I hope all you guys have had a great Christmas and all are well and safe.

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Dottie said...

great,great. I bet those boys are cute in their outfits.